Coming May 23, 2024, INUJINI dives into the heart of the WWII Battle of Okinawa through the eyes of three brave young girls, Shigeko, Kaori, and Yuki. Each girl confronts the harsh realities of war, yet finds strength with the help of their traditional guardian spirits, the shiisaa. It’s a tale that balances the struggles of war with the power of friendship, cultural identity, and inner strength. A journey through resilience and hope, highlighting the rich culture of the Shimanchu people of Okinawa, readers will find a compelling read that resonates with anyone seeking inspiration and courage in challenging times.

Praise for Inujini

Thank you to Amanda Worthington for this moving review of Inujini on Goodreads. She says, “I struggle for the words to adequately convey the impact this book has had on me. As an expat in Korea who came home burdened with the knowledge of the full extent of Japanese atrocities, this book forced me to reckon with the truth that it was, in fact, not the full extent. The Shimanchu suffered too – immensely.” Read that review here.

Stephanie Ellis of The Horror Tree wrote a review of Inujini that blows me away. Such well-considered and beautiful observations about the story… this was a gift. All we want as authors is to be read. When someone takes that time it makes all the difference. Thank you. Read that review here.

Kerry E.B. Black was also kind enough to take the time and leave a review up on Goodreads. Again, a beautiful review that leaves me at a loss for how to express my appreciation. I love that both reviews focus on the point of the novel: what happened on Okinawa to the indigenous people. What happens still. Thank you. Read that review here.

“Reading a moving ARC of this important novel by angela_yuriko_smith, and it is ripping my heart out and stomping all over it.” Kerry E.B. Black via Instagram