Book by Angela Yuriko Smith

In Favor of Pain 2016
Escape Claws 2017
Escape Claws Spanish 2017

End of Mae 2011
Mr. BoneJangles 2014

Short Fiction
Karmic Circle 2015
The Heaven Grift 2015
Pirantulas 2015
The Braid 2015

Don’t Worry Star 2014
What Did the Cat See? 2014
Sunny Side In 2014
The Christmas Spiders 2014
Monsters Are Everywhere 2015
The Literary Lizard 2015
Snakespeare 2016

No Money Marketing 2012
Panhandle Focus 2016

Anthologies and Collections
Christmas Lites I 2011
Christmas Lites II 2012
Heart Animal Rescue 2013
Christmas Lites III 2013
Christmas Lites IV 2014
Christmas Lites V 2015
Christmas Lites VI 2016
HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II 2016
HWA Poetry Showcase Volume III 2016
HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV 2017
Where the Stars Rise: Asian Speculative Fiction 2017

Weekly serial fiction available on the Radish app.
All books available on Amazon and at—
Artful Things in Niceville, Florida
Cafe Bienville in Niceville, Florida

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  1. Caryn Whitney says:

    Can you say the word prolific? Wow! You are amazing. Keep going, girl, you are so talented with a head full of dreams. All my blessing to you. Caryn Whitney

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