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Stand United!

It’s finally Election Day. It’s a day we have dreaded and looked forward to. Usually I’m pretty meh about politics, but 2020 is unprecedented in all kinds of ways. This Election I got myself out there and voted and even … Continue reading

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Slam Poetry Workshop

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a presentation on slam poetry to teens attending the Talk Book to Me 2020 event. It was only for 45 minutes and I felt like the topic was barely scratched in that … Continue reading

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Your Best Resource to Survive 2020: Local Libraries

Full disclosure: I work a few days a week at the North Independence Branch of Mid-continent Public Library system. This doesn’t make me an expert, but I can claim that I’m a professional. I managed to infiltrate this wonderland at … Continue reading

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Read Horror for Resilience

In March 2020 things got real. Most people were either in denial or shock… but there was a certain subset of people you could find wandering through the grocery stores calmly, carts full of canned chicken and bags of white … Continue reading

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#haiflu for National Poetry Day

It was recently National Poetry Day in England… sounds like a good enough excuse to me for a celebration! I hopped over to the official website ( to see what’s new and found something exciting: Project Haiflu! Project Haiflu is … Continue reading

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9/11 Flashback: 19 Years Ago Today

Today reminds me of how much we can heal from. Right now there is a lot of anger, fear, and hurt. I’ve been so caught up in current events I almost forgot what today was—the day we remember the Twin … Continue reading

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New eCorpse, New Ad Page and New Blog Host

Looks like the blog was finally migrated successfully to the new home but the last few posts dropped into cyberspace. Unfortunate, but if that’s the worst of what the end of 2020 brings, I call it a win. If you … Continue reading

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R.I.P Frank W. Smith

I called him Frank-N-Furter and he thought it was an awesome nickname. We co-hosted the JournalJabber show together a few times. A few people confused us for being a couple since we had the same last name. We did have … Continue reading

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This Blog is Moving

Hopefully, this is not goodbye to a decade of work on this blog. After ten years of being hosted by GoDaddy I’m moving to a different host. I’ve loved being with GoDaddy, but lately, it comes down to money. I … Continue reading

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“She Said She Was Bored” on PoetryNook

A new normal sets in! I haven’t published anything to PoetryNook since June 1! I’m not crazy about this poem, but I’m saving some of my late poems for a couple of anthologies and contests right now. Mostly, I want … Continue reading

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