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Inaugural Issue of Brine is Live

The inaugural issue of Brine is now live! I’m proud to have my poem, “Origami People,” featured in this first issue. It is available online now and a print version will be available asap. Brine received 500 poems, of which 38 were chosen. … Continue reading

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Kidnapped by Muses!

My muses have kidnapped me! Please don’t send help. Since I had my experience the other night with the Imaginary Foundation, I have been in high creative mode. I have finished all my writing projects that were piling up, and … Continue reading

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Writers Write

Just a reminder… above all things, writers write.

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Saturday is for Sharing

This is a day for sharing. Once again, I feel like I’m playing catch up…but my my mad muse finally struck and I finally finished my poem to submit to the the annual HWA Poetry Showcase.  Since I can’t share it, but … Continue reading

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Escape Claws Has New Spanish Translation

Surprise! There is a new edition of Escape Claws in Spanish on Amazon today. My good friend Soraya Murillo Hernandez, of the From Soraya interviews, took it upon herself to go through the Spanish translation and correct grammatical errors. Thanks … Continue reading

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Pickling Poet Open for Business

Remember the Pickling Poet submission call I posted back in March? If not, you can refresh your memory here. I have it from a reliable source (their Facebook page) that they are now open for business and taking orders. I … Continue reading

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New Schedule Welcomed

It’s been a long week: to change schedules we had to work both of them back to back. That was a lot of Amazon for the week, but we made it through fine. Because of it, we now have weekends … Continue reading

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Happy International Day of Happiness

I’m so glad to know there is a day dedicated to happiness. Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognize how valuable it is. Happiness is an international goal we all strive … Continue reading

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A Haiku Story Begins: Jewel 1-7

A lot of the things that have been keeping me occupied are finished and I feel the need for a challenge… and it happens to be National Haiku Month. Starting today, I’m going to attempt an ongoing story through February, … Continue reading

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Haiku Month Begins

Just back from Borderlands Bootcamp and it was absolutely worth it. I don’t have time to give a full recap now (the day job calls) but watch for that early next week. Now that this huge event is in my … Continue reading

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