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Has Publishing Killed the Joy of Writing?

I love reading Alexander Zoltai’s blog, Notes from An Alien, because he always has alternative viewpoints on the art of writing. Take a recent share he did from an author who is losing her joy of writing thanks to the … Continue reading

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One of Many

Saw this graphic on my Facebook this morning and thought it was a good reminder for all of us that at the end of the game it doesn’t matter  how rich, smart or well dressed we were. It will be … Continue reading

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New Dyslexie Font

I have always loved reading and can’t imagine my life without words, but not everyone is able to decode text naturally. People who suffer from dyslexia can’t process symbols easily, affecting their ability to read for enjoyment. According to Medical News … Continue reading

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Global Reading Adventure

Check out this great post from my friend and fellow author, Alexander M. Zoltai. In this post he introduces us to Ann Morgan, a blogger who read 197 books, one from each UN recognized nation plus Taiwan, and compiled her … Continue reading

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Famous fan pics & new tricks!

Yesterday’s post about Johnny Depp and ‘famous fan pics’ generated a lot of discussion on Facebook I thought I’d share… check it out and join in the convo!  While you’re there, feel free to friend me and like my author … Continue reading

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Johnny Depp reads End of Mae?!?

Does Johnny Depp read End of Mae? No, obviously this is a joke but I got your attention, didn’t I? And that, my friends, is the point of creative marketing. I wish I could say I thought of the idea … Continue reading

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Win $50 Credit At Tiny Prints

It’s HERE!  The Tiny Prints 2012 Holiday Collection has arrived and the new selection of Christmas Photo Cards is even better than last year.  Tiny Prints has revived the art of sending cards with their fun, contemporary designs and their … Continue reading

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Today I want to let you know about some of the exciting events happening in Second Life right now, particularly the MWGA Expo. The top names in media are participating making it an invaluable opportunity for networking.  If you are trying to … Continue reading

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MarketShare: Book Trailers for the Win

I hear a lot of discussion about whether or not book trailers are effective marketing tools.  In my opinion, the question should really be ‘how they are effective’, not ‘if’. Any possible thing you can do to share your message is … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Like Due Out… Now

The last week has been crazy.  We found out that we need to reapply for my visa.  That means $5,000 and another year unable to work.  We decided to go back to America and reapply at a later date. Because … Continue reading

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