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Let It Go, Frodo

Lord of the Rings fans and Frozen fans finally have something in common – the The Lord Of The Rings: Let it Go Parody by The Hillywood Show®! See Samwise sing a heart felt ballad, pleading for Frodo to let go of the untidy gold and silver jewelry fad. Team Frodo or Team Frozen?

I loved this clever and well executed parody but thought it drug on a little after you get a glimpse of Gollum. What did you think?


I’m Sexy & I Know It

Mr. Smith accuses me of having a rowdy and inappropriate sense of humor.  He’s referring to my recent video shares of course.  I blame genetics.  My redneck grandmother was a highball guzzling hellion even up until her last days.  What did she do on her 80th birthday when someone gave her a G-string as a gag gift?  She slid it on up over her white slacks and hopped up on the bar to do a table dance of course! 

I hope to live up to her legendary zest for life… just without all the highballs.  Tonight I’m offering up yet another video that I adore.  This one is dedicated to my crazy grandmother, may she rest in peace.  She’s the one that taught me to not censor myself based on what others think.  Life is made to laugh at… the proof is in this video.

WARNING: Some content may be slightly offensive – avoid if you find gyrating neon leopard print speedos frightening…

Time Goes By… Con Loli

Still playing catch up afk so I thought I’d share another of my favorite Youtube videos. I first saw this years ago and I think I must have watched it 100 times that first week. The silliness of it all brings life into perspective for me when I start getting too serious. This is an absolutely genius redo of Madonna’s Hung Up… drag style.


I’m playing catchup on a ton of things at the moment so instead of a regular post I’m sharing a video that makes me smile.  I’m not sure why, but it brightens my day.   Perhaps it’s all the rainbows or listening to a man singing falsetto ;p  What do you think of it?

Flesh Eating Foundation: Um… Yum!

Flesh Eating FoundationSince the release of End of Mae I have been getting requests to review horror books, and a lot of my incoming correspondence seems to be leaning towards the… um… dark and creepy.

This video collaboration between Flesh Eating Foundation and Bruce Markos fit right in with the recent themes and I had to vote for it.  It was a really well done vid, and I was drawn into the feelings of rage and desire to destroy exhibited by the main character.  How many well dressed ‘normal people’ walk by us everyday looking calm, when underneath they hide a seething monster?

This video is part of a contest called 2Weeks 2Make It “a music video competition pairing randomly drawn teams of filmmakers and musical artists who then have exactly 2 weeks to shoot and edit a music video from scratch!”

I love this idea, and would like to see it redone with machinima… any takers?  Please pop by the link and give a watch and a vote.  Great idea, and great videos!

Tenek Brings Us To Higher Ground

Tenek|Peter Steer|Geoff Pinckney


Today I’m catching up on projects, and waiting for Tenek to release their latest video; Higher Ground. Tenek is some of my favorite music to work by. It’s like coffee for your auditory senses. The electric textures and driving rhythms get into your head and suddenly everything seems better, brighter and more meaningful.

Tenek consists of Sussex based Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney. The two musicians met in the 1990’s at a Gary Numan show in London. Geoff’s band, Glasshouse, was touring with Gary Numan at the time. Peter liked Glasshouse, and Geoff, from the start. “I really thought they were good so got chatting with them about doing some gigs along with my band ‘BonBooshe’. We both ended up touring with Gary Numan on his next tour and the bands became good friends.”

When BonBooshe broke up Peter wound up joining Glasshouse as their guitarist and backing vocalist for the next three years. Eventually Peter wound up moving on to join Shockwork and Geoff became part of The Nine. Despite going their separate ways, they remained friends and kept in touch. 2004 brought them together again to collaborate on Alien 6, a production project to produce dance music for games, but Geoff and Peter were ready for more.

History was made when a mutual friend suggested they form an electro/synth band, and in June 2007 Tenek was officially born.  The first album, Stateless, quickly sold out and their last album, On the Wire is a gorgeous package that has Depeche Mode’s classic synthetic chill.  Tenek is the best of 1980 souped up.  My favorite cuts from On The Wire would have to be Higher Ground and Blinded By You.  But what does “tenek” mean? Peter says,

“The name originally came from a sound at the end of a Heaven 17 song called ‘Fascist Groove Thang’ which we thought sounded like the word ‘tenek’ at the end of the track. It is in fact ‘Thang’ echoing away! We wanted a short non-specific catchy name.”

The name is so catchy they have to share with the Tenek people, an indigenous Mexican tribe.  I bet they’d love a concert from Peter and Geoff :p

On the Wire|Tenek|ToffeeTones

Find out more about Tenek, listen to some music and see video clippage at the official Tenek website, on MySpace and on Facebook.  You can also check out their label, Toffeetones Records.

Music & the Military: Kirtland AFB Hails Joan Jett

Originally published on 8 October 2001 at

Joan Jett may love rock-n-roll, but she loves the military, too. The Kirtland, N.M., AFB Thunderbird Dining Facility became Blackheart heaven for fans of the Jett set. At her own request, Joan Jett and band members Thommy Price and Dougie Needles took time out from their exhausting performance schedule to show their support for the troops. In appreciation, the troops flocked in with guitars and record albums ready to be signed.

Colonels and master sergeants crowded in line with punked-out music lovers. All of them were equally eager to have a few words with one of rock-n-roll’s legendary female performers. Strikingly posed against the backdrop of a giant American flag, Joan Jett answered questions with a smile. She obligingly posed for pictures, cuddled babies and signed a phonebook-sized stack of photos. Joan’s attitude was friendly and accessible.

Joan posed for one last photo, and then she and the band were off for another appearance at the Kirtland Base Exchange. The line of fans streamed out into the food court for autographs. Manager Kenny Laguna, who has been with Joan from the beginning, took time out to talk with me about the bands’ special interest in the military troops.

When Joan Jett and the Blackhearts made it big overseas, they made a point of showing the military troops their support. “Wherever we went, if there was a base, we would just go on the base. It was never set up. We were always able to lock up through AFM with the commanders.” Traveling through places such as Lebanon, Bosnia, and Kosovo, they signed their way into the hearts of grateful fans stationed away from home. “These wonderful, beautiful kids in the military really appreciate the appearance and just the music in general.” Said Laguna.

From Albuquerque, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be headed to Cuba, Iceland, and the Middle East to rock foreign soils with their message of hope and encouragement. “In our own little way we’re part of it.” says Laguna.

Joan Jett, whose father is a veteran of Korea, doesn’t seek publicity for her special appearances to soldiers. She believes, with her band and Kenny Laguna, that some things must come from the heart. In addition to supporting our nation’s troops, they work to help child victims of leukemia and the widows and orphans of the police.

Supporting the police force along with the military is even more important to these mega musicians then ever. With offices, homes, and apartments in New York, the band has been reeling with fellow New Yorkers from September’s tragedy. In shock with the rest of America, the national inpouring of assistance nevertheless heartened them.

“It’s a city that we love so dearly. We’re still getting over the shock. One amazing thing is that we feel like the whole country finally realized that New York is a part of the United States.  We felt like the relative that wasn’t appreciated until we got in trouble, and then the whole country was there.” Laguna said.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, along with Kenny Laguna, would like to express their appreciation to military members all over the world who are dedicating their lives to keeping America united and free. “It’s the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. They put their a**s on the line for us all the time, and we love ’em for it.”

The feeling is mutual.

Authors Note:  This is part of my past work and was originally published for on 8 October 2001 under my former byline of Angela Yuriko Cato.

MissGuided – DirtyDee Sweetwater (Second Life)

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011


This is where I’ll be this weekend… I can’t wait to see what a virtual machinima expo is like! All the details will be up by Monday ^.^

Pop Art Lab Music Video Entry – Pixelated Truth

The judges decide this weekend!  I’ll keep you posted on the big party.
This is one of the entries done by Kira Madrigal, and filmed around our shop area.