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For most of my publishing life I have sought a unicorn. The perfect story, undiscovered by the world—unsullied by the masses. It would lie waiting for me with a beginning to hold me captive, a middle that would keep me … Continue reading

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Ryan Aussie Smith on Rabbit Air

We try to drink bottled water and eat organic but there isn’t much to do about our air quality… besides not smoking. This is what I used to think before my husband started working for Rabbit Air, creator of some … Continue reading

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Review: Lily Wong Books by Tori Eldridge

If you think a ninja’s life is all about throwing stars and black pajamas, think again. For Chinese-Norwegian born Lily Wong, it’s a mixed bag of fighting domestic abuse, family dynamics and this little issue with the Los Angeles Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Review: Spineless by Amy Langevin

It’s uncommon for a work of horror to have a message of hope and a happy ending, but that’s exactly what Amy Langevin accomplishes with her book Spineless. Equal parts horror and empowerment, she presents the very real situation of … Continue reading

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Review: Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward

Possibly the first thriller I’ve reviewed on my blog, this twisted but well crafted plot deserves the premiere position. The pacing kept me tightly bound to the story even through the recent… er, current… election dramas. Quite a feat for … Continue reading

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Review: Whitechapel Rhapsody by Alessandro Manzetti

When I prepare to read Manzetti there is a certain ceremony to it. I do not read his work in a public place. This level of darkness is to be savored alone. No innocent bystander needs to be exposed to … Continue reading

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Meet Black Crane Lee Murray

Next Tuesday editors and authors from the new horror anthology, Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women will be featured on the next Skeleton Hour, the Horror Writers Association’s monthly horror literature webinar series. Please join Lee Murray, Geneve Flynn, Nadia … Continue reading

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Beware: Red Dennis by Eric Shapiro

Here’s my warning: be careful if you decide to read Red Dennis by Eric Shapiro when it comes out this month. This book is not for the timid reader just looking for some pretty words to while away a few hours. … Continue reading

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Review: Screams Before Dawn by Heinrich von Wolfcastle

Screams Before Dawn is a book after my own heart… possibly with a butcher knife. A collection of short stories by Heinrich von Wolfcastle (see interview), his writing style is vivid, visceral and entertaining. Dark humor hides in unexpected word play. … Continue reading

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Exploring Heinrich von Wolfcastle

Have you met Heinrich von Wolfcastle? You’d remember him if you did. Relatively new to the horror writer scene, his work is drenched in thrills, acidic humor and blood—among other things. He also happens to be my ‘mentee’ from the Horror … Continue reading

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