Electrified Corset: Poems │Amy Zoellers

As best stated in the poem within, “The Artist No. 2”…

So Death, Emetophobia, and Desire walk into a night club…
The Disapproving Neighbor and Maddeningly Fertile Librarian make it past the bouncer, but they don’t stay long.
An array of haunting and sexy artists make the rounds, only seen from the corner of the eye, like spirits.
The Virus, who got his feelings hurt, mulls over the merits of vengeance and tantrums while having coffees with the poet.
They conclude that God is absolutely everywhere.
Bake something.
It’s time to bake something.
Of course, it might come out haunted.

Spurts. Spurts of every possible emotion. Not all of them lovely. Bzzzzrt.

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Amy Zoellers is a free-wheeling poet, artist and songwriter with a straight job. And a mother of questionable graces. She hosts Podcast in A Minor where podcasts are found and Third Sunday Poetry at Hipness&Outrage on Youtube. She is a divorcee with a heart of gold. Her eyes are definitely brown.

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