Congratulations to Blaise Langlois, this week’s poetry spotlight! Her poem, “Witness” will be shared to close the March 18th episode of EXERCISE YOUR WRITES and on this blog.

Blaise Langlois

Emerging author and Pushcart Prize nominee, Blaise Langlois, will never turn down the chance to tell a story. She wears many hats and when she isn’t busy selecting which one to wear, you will usually find her (just before midnight) feverishly scratching out ideas. She has a penchant for things of a speculative nature and her short fiction and poetry can be found through: Eerie River Publishing, Black Hare Press, Space and Time Magazine, Black Spot Books, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, and Ghost Orchid Press. You can learn more by visiting: ravenfictionca.wordpress.com


Temporarily Closed to Submissions

To promote the upcoming HWA Poetry Showcase X, the Spotlight will be closed for new poetry. Instead, I’ll be sharing already recorded videos of past readings from HWA poets. Many of the readers of this blog are also members of the HWA and it might be perceived as a conflict of interest. I plan to open for submissions again once the Showcase submissions have closed on May 1.

You can get a copy of last year’s Showcase here.