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My visually creative steam punk night

Steampunk Experiment Front and Back

This was taken on low graphics so a lot of detail is lost.

I’ve been off creating an outfit in Second Life all day and this is what I came up with.  I wanted to try my hand at steam punk.

This is going up for sale in our shop and if there was any way I could wear it in real life (and look that good in it), I would in a heart beat.

The goggle lenses feature stained glass angel panels and the spats are trimmed in bat lace fringe.  Mr. Smith is working on a model of the hat which features moving gears and a smoking chimney stack.

Tonight is T.G.I.P night and this is one way we stretch the paycheck – creating virtual items for sale in Second Life.  I’ve talked about this so many times I won’t rehash it much here. Basically we create virtual items, sell them for Lindens and then cash out the Lindens for real cash.  It’s a simple, easy way to make extra money once you learn it – for us around $50-100 a month.

Short post due to the fact I was off matching striped ticking to black velvet, but you get the idea.  Now I’m off to gaze at my new outfit some more… I may actually have to find something (virtually) social to do so I can wear it.  ;D

We Will Now Break for Intermission

Last you heard from me I was switching this blog over to the glories of WordPress… and… I’m still switching.  Hopefully I can get it all moved over tomorrow, and we’ll be back up and running smoothly in no time.

There are so many awesome posts stacking up for when things are back to normal – there’s an exciting new artist up in the exhibit hall, I have to tell you about the amazing box of goodies that MyBlogSpark sent, a spotlight on Etsy through the eyes of four talented and successful crafters, a new installment of the Machinimist Marketer…

All I have to do is get moved…

To Press, Or Not to Press… That Is My Question

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about WordPress, and how it’s the only way to make money with your blog, and all serious bloggers use it.  This raises a few questions to me, the first being, do I want to make money on my blog? 
I know that may seem like a crazy question, but many activities are fine and noble until money gets involved.  Marrying a man because he can amply provide for a woman and her children is considered smart and being a capable mom, but if he’s rich, she’s a gold digger.  Sex with someone you just met is considered risque to some, slutty to others, but get paid for it and both partys are likely to condemn you as a prostitute.
I started my blog for a few reasons, primarily because I am a career writer that has been away from it for a few years, and I’ve gotten rusty and pathetic.  The discipline of regular blog writing has really gotten me back into the spirit.  Another reason I started this blog was so that I could show potential employers examples of my work, as well as parade it around on the web for someone to ‘discover’, like the literary equivalent of a beauty pageant.
But then two people whispered in my ear, promising that I could actually become rich as a professional blogger… my first reaction was to blush and hush them.  I replied that I blog as a gift for those I love (which, incidentally, are mostly people who read my blog) and that I didn’t want to cheapen it with money.  My second reaction was to ask if there were such a thing as a professional blogger, and I was assured there is, and given actual numbers and names of different individuals as proof.
The idea set itself in my mind like a stubborn splinter.  I’ll be completely honest, I think the idea of supporting myself on blog alone is very similar to planning a lottery win in my financial  future… not very likely.  Normally I would discount the entire idea and keep to my ‘blog as gift’ shtick, but I find myself in a position that makes the idea worth trying.  Namely, I can’t legally work in Australia until my visa is approved. 
I’ve been sitting here since August of 2010 with the possibility that I might be waiting another 8 months.  I don’t watch much television and my attention span, due to internet over usage, has gotten too lazy to read for entertainment purposes.  I’m still working hard at Second Life clothes design, but I can only stare at Photoshop for so long before I start going cross eyed.  Farmville threatens to atrophy any of my remaining intellect if I don’t find something else to occupy me.  So, after much deliberation and few choices, I decided …why not?
I signed up for Sandi Krakowski’s 30 day blog training course, and started reading WordPress Power Guide by Lambert Klein, and they both tell me the first step is to move my blog to WordPress.  I don’t know why that is such a big deal, or what WordPress has to offer that Blogger doesn’t, but I will keep an open mind and try it out.  After all, that’s what separates the pros from the rest of us, I’m told.  Besides, what have I got to lose?  I blog because I love writing, but I think I’d love being rich too.

Internet Moonlighting – Ways Your Internet Can Pay

Lately it seems all my friends are looking for extra cash.  There are so many ways to make it pay, I can’t possibly cover them all in one blog post, so this is my brief overview of different options I explored last night.

I personally signed up for some of these and gave them a try, some of them I read about or had friends tell me about, and one I wouldn’t touch at all, even just to explore.  I didn’t even begin to cover selling real goods online, like with Etsy or eBay.  That will have to be another post entirely.

When I started looking around the internet for the best ways to make extra cash and goodies from it, I found a mass of useless advertisements being masqueraded as information.  I have explored a lot of income options on the internet over the years, some have panned out and some were colossal wastes of time.  Last night I took some time to explore what’s out there now and try it out, and here’s what I came up with.

Product Review Sites
These are websites that need chatty people and bloggers.  Large companies depend on these sites to gather together people willing to try their products and review them.  These companies fall into the category of word of mouth advertising.

To date, I’ve only tried Vibe Village of all these, but it was a rewarding experience.  They sent me the large package of Tetley Tea in the photo for free.  Inside were two large boxes of tea, a ton of smaller sample packages to pass out to my friends and a carton of soy milk.  All I had to do for it was respond a short review, and then tell them three different ways I shared the tea.  Past campaigns have been Cadbury Chocolate and Bulla Ice Cream.  Unfortunately I joined up with them afterwards, so I missed out on the chocolate.  Sigh. 

Oddly enough, I could only find one company in the US.  MyBlogSpark came came recommended to me from a friend who loves it, and when I contacted their customer service they responded quickly and were very nice, so I’d think they would be a good choice.  You do need to pick one from your own country due to the cost of shipping overseas.  If I were in the US, I would definitely try out MyBlogSpark.  Here’s a few sites to get you started:

The Soup Australia
Vibe Village Australia
Word of Mouth Club Australia
Yooster Australia
MyBlogSpark USA (my favorite)

Reward Sites
These sites give you incentives like giftcards and PayPal credit in exchange for your activity on their site.  I’ve used Gather casually for a little while and would highly recommend them.  Squidoo is a new one I just found, and I’m actually going to check it out just because it looks like fun.  SwagBucks has been used by a number of my friends, and last night I spent a frustrating hour and a half on MyPoints filling out my information for what seems to be nothing.

While you probably won’t get rich on any of these sites, they do help out with a little extra.  As Dee B, one of my new Gather friends says,”They do help cut cost for us. I’ve used all my gift cards for work done on our house.”  And here are the ones I found:

Gather (my favorite)
Sunshine Rewards

Virtual Business
I know I talk about how wonderful virtual worlds like Second Life are, but seriously, I am bringing in around $50 a week from selling my clothes designs.  To date, creating items to sell in our cyber shop has been the most financially rewarding thing I have done on the internet, aside from a past lucrative contract writing position.  Those were the days…

There are a large number of these “social games” to choose from besides Second Life, and there are a number of ways to earn money there besides creating items.  A musician friend of mine brings in around $100 a week for doing live shows where he sings and plays his guitar.  People can choose to be models for designers like me, run a club, be a dancer, a hostess for events… the possibilities are endless.  Use your imagination and jump in.

In Second life, you get paid in game money called Lindens which you trade for real currency.  At this time 1,000 Lindens comes to just under $5.  With 132,379 members on FaceBook alone, just a fraction of the total residents, there are a lot of people to discover, and pay you, for your special talents.  My advice if you do try this route is to stay focused on your goal, and remember you are there to work or you can get swept away in all the distractions and find yourself spending more then you make.  An excellent publication on the business side of virtual worlds is Hypergrid Business.  You can visit Second Life here, or google “virtual worlds”.

Temporary Hire
This is my first experience with these type of site.  The idea is that businesses that can’t afford to keep a staff on hand can pay internet surfers like us to do their work.  I actually tried out MicroWorkers.  I signed on to do a small job, which was to write 100 words about Marilyn Monroe and link back to their site, which you can see I did with my last post.  It was worth $4 for me to do that, and took me less then five minutes. 

Today I got a message back from the “hirer” saying my job wasn’t good enough and they wouldn’t pay.  I don’t really see what is wrong about my post, it came in at 116 words excluding the quote at the end, so I don’t see much of a future with MicroWorkers myself.  A lot of the jobs listed were things like signing up for a certain dating site, or leave a comment or rate a book on Amazon and they paid anywhere from .05 to $5.  I tried two other jobs with MicroWorkers so I’ll see how it all pans out.

MicroWorkers (tried it, still deciding)

Opportunities on the internet are as widespread and varied as types of bird, and to cover them all would take me a book rather then a blog post.  Second Life has proved to be the most all over rewarding venture, but of the rest of them, I enjoyed doing the product review for Tetley Tea best, followed by Gather and Squidoo. 

I did come across one more called Project PayDay, but it sounded so shady I didn’t even want to resister.  The idea behind that one, I am told, is that you get paid to sign up for offers and you have to remember to cancel the offers after you get your money.  On the other end, you can pay others to sign up for deals with you so you can get discounted goods.

The example I read about was a deal that gave you an Xbox 360 if you could get 5 people to sign up for a certain plan.  You were paying 5 people each $20 to join up, so you got an Xbox at a discounted price of $100.  I didn’t try it, and it sounds like too much bother for me, but if you decide to try it please let me know how it works for you.  I’m always curious to learn more.

That wraps up my exhausting search for money making on the web, I hope some of you can make good use of it.  Please let me know what works for you and what doesn’t, and anything you’ve tried that I haven’t mentioned.  I’m off to enjoy a lovely cup of Tetley Tea and explore my new Squidoo.

Updated Note:  We’ve moved from Australia back to the US so now I’m primarily working with MyBlogSpark and other US based companies.

The Machinimist Marketer Column Up @Hypergrid Business

A few days ago I announced that I’ll be contributing to Hypergrid Business as a guest columnist.  If you haven’t checked this well done publication out yet, I welcome you to do that now… and while you’re there visit me there at my new column, The Machinimist Marketer.

Virtual Art Exhibit: H. Teasdale is Our Jewel on the Coast

Art mimics life, enhances it and defines our experiences.  It is completely fitting, therefore, to present art in a format that mimics life.

I am pleased to announce the opening of our first virtual exhibit at House of SilverJinx.  The artist, H. Teasdale, works with a variety of medium, but has brought her focus to photography in recent years.  We’re glad she has so that we can offer her beautiful work in this collection entitled Jewel on the Coast.

Ms. Teasdale lives by the sea and tirelessly combs her natural environment to capture it for her fans.  Her work invokes a respect for the natural world around us, telling us each to take a moment and breathe in the gift of life that surrounds everything.  Like chicken soup for the eyes, Ms. Teasdale brings us a moment of peace with each frame… a peace that soothes us and energizes our soul.

The collection consists of 10 pieces, displayed in an exhibit hall specially built on to our regular shop.  We are so happy to have the opportunity to share this artist’s work with you, and hope you will take the time to get to know this amazing lady, and the world as she sees it.  Comments on Ms. Teasdale’s work can be left in a box in the entrance, and will be forwarded on to her.

New Column @HyperGrid Business

I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce one of my new favorite publications online, HyperGrid Business, the magazine for anyone in virtual business. 

This is an excellent resource covering all aspects of internet enterprise, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to publish a column with them on marketing opportunities using machinima. 

This fits right in with my personal mission to share the benefits of virtual life, but I will continue on here at :Dandilyon Fluff as usual.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to go explore HyperGrid Business and look out for my upcoming column, The Machinimist Marketer when it’s released.

Speaking of virtual marketing, I guess Red Bull’s on board.  I took the photo above this morning as a did some shop organization.  This bi plane was zooming around nearby.  It’s only a matter of time before advertising in online 3D environments becomes the new gold rush.

MissGuided – DirtyDee Sweetwater (Second Life)

Partyin’ Like a Pop Star

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to a machinima expo sponsored by Pop Art Lab.

The virtual venue was an eclectic mix of disco Tron and college amphitheater, complete with neon and multiple big screens to show off the machinima offerings.

And what offerings they were!  My personal favorite remains the submission by Kira Madrigal, due in a large part to the focus on telling a story visually.

In her interpretation of Giana Factory’s Pixelated Truth, the music used for all the videos, she plays out the life of a game character from the actual character’s point of view.  The player behind the game character is a little girl, too young for such games. 

In one of my favorite scenes the little girl sits staring at traditional toys, unplayed with.  Later she has returned to her computer where her game character, a scantily clad woman, dances suggestively.  This small girl is far to young to be acting as a woman, but with games so accessible in our society we never really know who is behind the avatar we see on screen.  As the song pleads, “Please save the youth…”

Despite the concern at seeing such a young girl playing an adult looking video game I find myself drawn into the game character’s existence as we watch it play out, and find myself feeling genuine sympathy when the game character’s life is ended and she ceases to exist.  The story plays out well, elicits genuine emotional involvement and fits with the lyrics.  I want to congratulate this machinima maker on a well done production, and hope to see more offerings from her in the near future.

Another favorite amazed me with how much it resembled a contemporary music video.  Created by Arbit Delacroix, it featured all the traditional trappings of a good music video.  Visually stimulating, plenty of images of the band playing and excellent scenery… I especially loved the recreation of the old school video game machine that sported Giana Factory graphics.  It was the visual metaphor of life and performance art as a game we play, but is it us playing our own game or is someone else at the controls ‘playing us’?

The whole affair was a fantastic production, and the real winners should be Claus Uriza, Persia Bravin and the rest of the Pop Art Lab for their hard work putting this important expo together.  All the elements were there, attendees got to meet and speak with the danish band, Giana Factory.  Rhett Linden gave an engaging and informative talk on machinima opportunities in platforms such as Second Life.  Chantal Harvey, also a long time supporter of virtual arts, charmed us with her presentation.  Press, artists and fans overflowed the actual theater and the entire production was broadcast live on Treet TV.

Congratulations to everyone who made this expo a success.  I hadn’t really experienced a lot of machinima prior to this experience, but now I am sold as a supporter for this art form and plan to continue my support.  Machinima opens up opportunities for music artists and more to visually present their work without a huge investment.  For the first time, creative inspiration trumps a fat wallet, and anyone with the talent, vision and determination can create a masterpiece.

You can watch the entire broadcast yourself on Treet TV here, or watch all the entries, including the winner at the Pop Art Labs site here.

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011


This is where I’ll be this weekend… I can’t wait to see what a virtual machinima expo is like! All the details will be up by Monday ^.^