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Meet the Mentor: Bryan Thao Worra


Bryan Thao Worra, courtesy of Wikipedia

Remember when I talked about how valuable a membership to the Horror Writer’s Association is? I recently signed up for the HWA’s mentor program and was paired with Bryan Thao Worra.

I feel like it’s Christmas—Worra’s accomplishments fill impressive pages and he’s going to give me tips?!? When I first Googled him I was in awe of all his awards, but from the first email exchange I could tell he was down-to-earth. He’s already given me some valuable insight I plan to utilize over the weekend.

My point is this—many of you that stalk the Dfluff posts are interested in producing or consuming in the horror genre. I urge you to join. I waited a year trying to decide if joining was worth it. It is worth every penny and more. From the conference in May, the mentorship program, the new publishing opportunities… in a month HWA gave me back 10 times what I paid for my membership.

Not only have a received great mentorship from Bryan, but other members like Peter Salomon and Patrick Freivald have been generous with sharing what they know. HWA is more than a professional organization—it’s a cooperative group of people that recognize when one of us succeeds, we all do.

Now is the perfect time to join the Horror Writer’s Association. Because of the pro-rated dues schedule, membership just prices dropped to $37 for an Active/Affiliate/Academic/Associate member or $27 as a Supporting member for the rest of the year.

About the HWA mentorship program: The program is offered to all members, but especially to new and aspiring writers, who are afforded the opportunity to be matched up with seasoned professionals, experienced and knowledgeable writers, including Active members who know just what it takes to create and tell a story, and all that follows soon after.