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Books have a new champion—SURPRISE!

IMG_1270Surprise! Robin Wiesneth and her magic brush have been busy yesterday and she has finished all the art for The Literary Lizard, a children’s story I wrote recently.

A mad genius with illustrations, she has brought the story to life with the most adorable and quirky lizard you will ever meet.

The Literary Lizard should be available as an ebook and as a special paperback on Amazon, hopefully by this weekend. Soon the paperback version will be available with local retailers in the Panhandle area and beyond. You can find out more about Robin Wiesneth and her wonderful, whimsical art, at aBrushWithHumor.com.

I am in love with the Literary Lizard and the joy of reading has a new champion 🙂

Review: SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Keyboard

IMG_20140630_201815_999After three tries I finally found the perfect keyboard for the iPad: the SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard by this progressive company called SHARKK.

I love writing with this new set up. It syncs up to the iPad almost instantly for quick typing and the response is immediate.

The keys just feel good and they are back lit with a range of zazzy colors to choose from. The keyboard clips to the iPad securely and easily with magnets and the sleek aluminum profile looks good, feels good and is professional without being boring. I can’t say enough good things about this keyboard. It’s so fun to work with I bet it even cures writer’s block ;D

Here’s my video review on the subject – thanks to first time camera man xmonkeydoox for helping me create it!

Journal Jabber – Alicia Sparks – Radio Show 6·1·14

jj1After a few glitches and a lot of learning, the new Journal Jabber shows are starting to come out.  Listen in as Alicia Sparks heats things up as we chat about her newest release, “Sin Bin,” hockey and her birthday.

Journal Jabber on YouTube!

Here it is – the first Journal Jabber show in it’s new home, nestled comfortably on the Ember Spark channel.  What a great first show as well – four authors of microfiction pit pen and prose against each other in a battle of words to see which will walk away as the Iron Writer 2014.

Future shows will be posted on the channel and we will start posting the archives as well.  We will have more freedom to do extra shows and be much more creative than our former platform allowed.  Please have a listen, like and share.  Subscribe to catch them all!

Thanks Ember for hosting Journal Jabber on your channel!