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Happy Birthday Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is celebrating their 4th birthday today with a 24 hour long bash to remember.  The points will be flowing like candy out of a pinata and the presents and favors are flying thick.  I have had the most fun with this site – … Continue reading

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You Are Awesome!

I just want to tell you today what an amazing person you are.  Yes, you have problems and don’t do everything perfect.  Newsflash: None of us are perfect and we all have problems.  Some of us just hide it better. We … Continue reading

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The Help/The Hunger Games on Kindle – for Swag!

I’ve been wanting to get two books on my Kindle: The Help and The Hunger Games.  Remember when I talked about joining Swagbucks?  I just found both books being offered in the “Swag Store” and I have enough points already to get … Continue reading

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Swag-a-licious Freebies

I just wanted to take a few minutes tonight to tell you all about this new incentives program I started using called Swagbucks.  I know most of you know about Swagbucks and are already taking advantage of all the giftcards and cash.  … Continue reading

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Internet Moonlighting – Ways Your Internet Can Pay

Lately it seems all my friends are looking for extra cash.  There are so many ways to make it pay, I can’t possibly cover them all in one blog post, so this is my brief overview of different options I … Continue reading

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