Soft Deadlines by Angela Yuriko Smith
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a NaNoWriMo 2020 project
February 2021

Temporary Cover

Naomi is a woman waking up to realize life is passing her by. Duncan is a six foot tall blue incubus trying to get some rest. He finds it with Naomi, and possibly something more. If only they can get his ex-lover to leave them alone. It’s hard to hide from a jealous succubus. A continuation of my short story “Soft Deadlines” (published in Trickster’s Treats #3: The Seven Deadly Sins 2019).

Within minutes, she was kneeling at the feet of an incubus. He was stunning, nearly six feet tall with glistening skin the color of midnight sapphire. A lustrous sheen accented his sharply cut structure. From the tips of his horns to the bottoms of his cloven hooves, he was a tight, nastily hung dream. She struggled to her feet, almost teetered out of the circle. Naomi realized she was panting. “So, hello…” She felt self conscious in the presence of this dusky god… er… being. “How do we do this? Do we have to stay in the circle? Is this a one time off or…?”

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