Books by the WordSmiths

  • Everly is EverywhereMeet Everly Everywhere, Mouse Explorer Extraordinaire. Everly considers it his job to make the world a better place, but first he has to learn all about it.


  • Spiders Are Everywhere—illustrated by Amber Beach. Part of the Everywhere series, in this book Everly learns about spiders and why they aren’t as scary as we may think. The more we learn, the less we fear.


  • Monsters Are Everywhere—illustrated by Mary-Anne Leslie. Don’t be scared of this book. This beautifully illustrated picture book assures kids of all ages that we can’t spend our lives being afraid of what might be around the corner. Monsters might be everywhere or anywhere… but we are bigger then they are.


  • God Is EverywhereIn this book Everly learns about the omnipotence and ever-presentness of God. The more we learn, the more we can be a positive part of our world. Everly may be everywhere, but in the pages of books is where he likes to be best.


  • Poetry Is EverywhereEverly learns about poetry and why it is important for everyone to nurture verse in all its forms. History is recorded in facts, but poetry breathes the soul into a culture.