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My Dad: All American Hero

Happy Memorial Day America! In 1965, Rodney Grant signed the paper that would turn him from a boy of 17 into a man. Growing up in Indianapolis, Rodney looked at a career in the military as a good way to … Continue reading

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The Adventure Begins

I haven’t been around much lately, it would seem, but I’ve actually barely left the computer all week.  I’ve been finishing different versions of my book, creating artwork and building a virtual model of the book in Second Life. The … Continue reading

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Tenek Brings Us To Higher Ground

Today I’m catching up on projects, and waiting for Tenek to release their latest video; Higher Ground. Tenek is some of my favorite music to work by. It’s like coffee for your auditory senses. The electric textures and driving rhythms get … Continue reading

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Official Book Cover Proof Ready

Interesting creepy factoid:  The front cover features a photo of a deserted tombstone.  I always thought the dates were so interesting… born on Valentine’s Day and died at a solstice.  The day I happened to finish the final rewrite happened … Continue reading

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My Official End of the World Message

The end of the world is supposed to be today at 6:00pm.  Here in Australia that’s in less than four hours.  Since the rapture is supposed to happen on local time, that means I’ll get to know before most of the … Continue reading

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Reviewing for Rewards

© Photo by Lori Alcorn Imagine if Christmas came more than once a year and surprises came regularly to your mailbox.  That’s what Lori A. gets all the time as a veteran reviewer. Dedicated to word of mouth marketing, Lori tries … Continue reading

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When Equality Goes Upside Down

Remember your elementary school days when boys had cooties and came from Jupiter “to get more stupider”?  For most of us those days are past, but, unfortunately, not for all of us. Take Beyonce’s recent video hit, Run the World.  It’s … Continue reading

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Crafting a Successful Etsy Experience

Years ago crafters were tied to church fairs and local gift shops to sell their creations.  Now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, crafters can use online markets like Etsy to sell their wares beyond their local area.  I’m not … Continue reading

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New Machinimist Marketer Up at Hypergrid Business

Last night I made the mistake of pulling an all nighter to catch up on work.  But now I’m too pooped to think and heading off to bed early.  Somehow I don’t think that worked out like I planned… If you … Continue reading

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The End of Mae: A Name Change & A Rewrite Later

Anyone who’s been with me for a while remembers how excited I was about publishing my first fictional book, called The SilverJinx.  It was the result of an argument at a writer’s conference years ago between two writer’s passionate about … Continue reading

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