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© Photo by Lori Alcorn

Imagine if Christmas came more than once a year and surprises came regularly to your mailbox.  That’s what Lori A. gets all the time as a veteran reviewer.

Dedicated to word of mouth marketing, Lori tries out products for different companies, and then posts her honest opinion of them on her blog.

MyBlogSpark is one of the companies that puts reviewers like Lori in touch with companies that need reviews.  The benefit to Lori is free goodies, like this workout set from Yoplait in the photo.

“MyBlogSpark is easy to use and has all your info for sparks in one place.  They offer you a product to try along with lots of great gifts to go along with it –  you also get the offer to give to one your readers.  I do any MyBlogSpark I am offered and its been my pleasure to work with them.  I have never had a package missing or in bad shape. MyBlogSpark are professionals and I love working with them.”

While Lori is an experienced reviewer, Kira S. is just getting her feet wet.  She has just recently joined MyBlogSpark to try it out.  I’ll be covering both their experiences here for anyone who’s interested in seeing how these programs work first hand. 

Can you really get boxes of goodies in exchange for your opinion?  Not only can you, I’ll show you how, what, when and where right here.  If you already use one of these sites, please share your experiences with us in the comments section.  Now’s your chance to plug your stuff!  :D

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