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Alcibides Zemenis: Renaissance Man

When it comes to variety, Alcibides Zemenis is the man of the hour.  His talents range from visual art to literature.  In literature he is the recently published author of The Goddess of Pigland.  In art he is master of the eclectic … Continue reading

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Thank You! xox

This is going to be a two post day I think.  I have one more artist to profile before tomorrow’s big Indie pARTy, but I wanted to take a minute to share a few excellent posts that have just come … Continue reading

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Feeling Fictional

I’m in a curious creative mood today.  I’ve been all involved in business and marketing for the past two months… but today is a vacation day.  My mind has taken pause to tell me that statistics and rankings don’t make … Continue reading

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Moyra Ares: Vivante Nouveau

There is a moment just before an impending storm where time stops.  The wind holds its breath, the whispering grasses pause and the sky wheels on its axis to watch with anticipation.  It’s that moment that is captured in the … Continue reading

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Raised 312,010 Sales Ranks in Two Days!

I was just over on my Amazon Author page looking at my sales stats (that I had just discovered) when I found out that my ranking had skyrocketed in the last few days.  I went from #362,765 to #50,755 in … Continue reading

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My Fair iLady iDentity Revealed

Yesterday I introduced a brave soul that agreed to be my vic… volunteer for my virtual experiments.  Today I shall reveal her identity.  In the flesh she is Amy Eye, a professional editor for two publishing houses.  She also does … Continue reading

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Notes from an Ali-Friend

I found out today that my new friend, Alexander M. Zoltai shared some of my posts about Book Island today on his blog, Notes from an Alien.  Getting shared on someone else’s blog as a surprise is always such a … Continue reading

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The My Fair iLady Experiment

How many posts have I filled with tales about the wonders of Second Life? I think the official estimate is ‘a bunch’.  And now I finally have a brave individual who has volunteered to be my virtual experiment for the betterment of humankind. This brave soul … Continue reading

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Bend Over University Students

How much would you pay for the book in this picture – $30?  $20?  Maybe even $10?  Nooooooo!  Has your university got a deal for you.  You can have this deluxe book of a half inch of glossy paper for … Continue reading

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Headline Moos

I have exciting news!  My dear friend Anarkali is translating End of Mae into spanish. I’ve known Anarkali for several years and our conversations are always lively.  Anarkali speaks mostly Spanish, and I speak about 5 words of Spanish.  Still, we’ve … Continue reading

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