Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

MarketShare: On Fire With 10,000 Words & Still Typing

My goal each month is to post every single day… and I’m still striving to accomplish that, even when, like right now, I am smoking my way through my next book.  I just hit the 10,000 word mark and I’m just getting warmed up. >;p

The bad news is that it’s not the continuation to End of Mae.  Before you send me any angry emails, just know that I am finishing the book on no-money marketing that has helped Mae succeed, and I do have some very valid reasons for putting it first. 

The first is to give back some of what I’ve been given.  Call it karma or the law of reaping and sowing, but I believe that when you have been given much, you are called on to give back.  End of Mae has succeeded far beyond my hopes in just one month, and I am in awe. 

To be honest, I will be the last person to tell you that my book is better than anyone elses.  I edited it myself, and I missed some things.  The paperback version is large print because I decided that size 12 font looked too small on the template (it’s not).  I do think it is an enjoyable story, and, at $2.99 for the eBook – $7.99 for paperback, worth every penny.  But that is not why it is succeeding.  There’s a million books out there better than mine receiving a tenth of the attention. 

End of Mae is succeeding because I love marketing, and have built an easily replicated and virtually cost-free promotional plan to get my book out there.  I figured if it was rubbish, the readers would tell me.  But if I couldn’t ask them, how would I know?

That is why the next book I have to publish is All You Need Is “Like”.  I have to share what I have learned with this book so that others can succeed.  If David Copperfield had never gotten into the right hands, it wouldn’t be the cornerstone of classic literature it is today, and personally, that’s one of my favorite books of all time.

The good news, to those of you waiting to find out what happens to Mae and Heylel, is that their story has been outlined out, and I am so excited at the events ahead.  Ever the journalist at heart, I have plenty of paranormal fact for my fiction.  I can’t wait to start putting down their story, and when I am writing it I’ll be posting the first part, which is actually finished already, here.

In the meantime, please have faith that I am burning the keyboard up with feverish non fiction typing and if you send me daily emails asking what happens to Mae and Heylel, I am slowed down by answering… “wait and see…”

 But you can still email me; I love mail and I will answer.  I just won’t give many spoilers ;p