Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

The Fluff is Being Hijacked!

Angela Yuriko Smith
Original Art by Nova

I apologize if you wind up frightened, but tomorrow I will be turning you all over to the power of A. F. Stewart, paranormal writer extraordinaire.

You may heave read the reviews I did on her books, Killers & Demons and Once Upon a Dark & EerieThis is part of her Killers & Demons Blog Tour.  Visit her at her website to see the whole tour.

She is truly a writer after my own heart; one who understands the power of dark wordage in the classic sense that allows you to roll phrases across your tongue and savor the taste of fear from the safe confines of your favorite reading nook.  Have fun with her while I’m gone… hopefully she won’t scare too many of you away with her post on Confessions of a Surprising Horror Writer.

On a side note, you may have noticed the superb pencil and ink drawing of me.  That was created by Nova, one of the artists I will be showcasing throughout August.  You can read the post I did about her initial exhibit set up yesterday.  She does commissions for your avatar or your real photo so make sure you get in line now.  You can leave a comment for her here and I will make sure she sees it, see her Flickr, or visit her exhibit inworld.

And now I am off for a day to work on finishing off that marketing book so I can get back to work on the tale of Mae and Heylel… and I have so many good things cooked up for you with that…  I can’t wait! >;p