Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

MarketShare: A Social Début for My Slideshow Entry

When I got the invitation to join into this contest two thoughts went through my head.

  1. I’ve never done a slideshow story, or worked with Powerpoint, so it sounded like a new challenge.
  2. I can’t resist a challenge or trying something new.

So I plunged in.  Originally I thought of telling a picture book style retelling of End of Mae, but as much as I love trying new things I get bored reworking old things.  My writing project at the moment has been All You Need Is Like, my book on xtreme alternative marketing that costs next to nothing. 

I thought, how fun would it be to tell the story behind the story that is behind End of MaeAll You Need Is Like it the story of how I managed to bring Mae out in a month for less than $50.  This slideshow called The Story Behind the Story is the tale of two books; like a literary grandchild.

So for tonight’s post I’m going to cheat and show this slideshow story.  Some of you may have seen it already in my sidebar, or on Gather, but this is the official social debut where my little slideshow can enter the world, a blushing débutante.  Like most débutantes it’s all roses and cream on the outside and deadly serious mission churning away in the clock works.

So relax and enjoy her flirtatious antics but know that you are dealing with the soul of Scarlett O’Hara reincarnated.  Have fun!