Daily Archives: July 24, 2011

Headline Moos

I have exciting news!  My dear friend Anarkali is translating End of Mae into spanish.

I’ve known Anarkali for several years and our conversations are always lively.  Anarkali speaks mostly Spanish, and I speak about 5 words of Spanish.  Still, we’ve managed to become good friends despite the language differences.

When I first published End of Mae, we were both sad that she couldn’t read it in her first language.  I’ve been looking around for how to have it translated and had no luck so far.  Today Anarkalis had a present for me when I logged on; parts of my book in Spanish.  She says she wants to translate the whole thing.

It was so neat to see my words translated in another language, and having a dear friend do it is like keeping it in the family.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  For a sneak peek, here’s a snippet of what she already has done from the first page:

Mae se despertó de repente. 

Sus piernas estaban acalambradas sentia un dolor por debajo pero no se atrevio a moverse,  Mae se sentó por un momento,y con sus  ojos aun  cerrados, escucho  un sonido que la  había alertado.  La noche estaba tranquila a su alrededor.Mae escuchó la respiración ahogada procedentes de la caja de cartón que esta a su lado.  y luego un ruido sordo como el de los ocupantes en el interior, cambiado de posición ligeramente  La noche se había vuelto fría muy rápidamente, y Mae sintió el frío penetrando  profundamente dentro de sus articulaciones.

I’m not sure what it says, but thank you Anarkali! xox

By the way, the image above was created by combining two Fotolia images.  I’m really getting spoiled with having access to all their photos… I don’t have any cows on hand to act as models.  Here’s another combination of the same two images: