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Raised 312,010 Sales Ranks in Two Days!

I was just over on my Amazon Author page looking at my sales stats (that I had just discovered) when I found out that my ranking had skyrocketed in the last few days.  I went from #362,765 to #50,755 in … Continue reading

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My Fair iLady iDentity Revealed

Yesterday I introduced a brave soul that agreed to be my vic… volunteer for my virtual experiments.  Today I shall reveal her identity.  In the flesh she is Amy Eye, a professional editor for two publishing houses.  She also does … Continue reading

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Notes from an Ali-Friend

I found out today that my new friend, Alexander M. Zoltai shared some of my posts about Book Island today on his blog, Notes from an Alien.  Getting shared on someone else’s blog as a surprise is always such a … Continue reading

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