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Moyra Ares: Vivante Nouveau

Moyra Ares

There is a moment just before an impending storm where time stops.  The wind holds its breath, the whispering grasses pause and the sky wheels on its axis to watch with anticipation.  It’s that moment that is captured in the work of Moyra Ares.

Her compositions breathe color and anticipation.  They are poised to emotionally spring at you, and viewing them gives one the sense that something unexpected is about to happen. 

Celebration of the goddess and the essence of woman permeate her work like the dusky scent of sandalwood meandering across your senses.  In this exhibit she has a variety of works on display from sculpture to images.  Rift with primal life, her work is impending, ready to explode at any moment; perpetual anticipation held and savored.

While Moyra has had extensive formal training in Germany in traditional mediums, it’s the limitless potential of digital creation that has recently captured her.  Drawing upon her pagan and wiccan beliefs for thematic inspiration, she finds herself inspired by the topic of gender and its philosophical implications.  “I followed the historical development of gender interaction to its contemporary state as well as Gender in religion and spirituality.” says Moyra of her work.

Inspired by formal art, Moyra enjoys exploring the Art Gallery NSW.  Her favorite artists include Gustav Klimt, Franz Marc and various artists in the Art Nouveau movement.  The classical influence shows through in her works, but fails to contain the vibrant spirit that quivers beneath the panels of color waiting to spring forth and be known.

Moyra Ares is one of the four artists being displayed throughout the month of August in a celebration of the indie spirit that shows up in all facets of creation.

Moyra Ares Exhibit