June Wrap Up: All the Wonderful Madness

Having a chat on Heylel’s dinner table…

End of Mae has officially been out one month, and what a month it has been!  Some 20 reviews, 2 Q&A with the author sessions, 4 interviews, 3+ giveaways and I even got to sign a few books…  what a month!

I tried to wrap things up with an End of Joon party which kind of went belly up when the musician couldn’t make it, but life happens and for those of us that were there, we had a good chat on Heylel’s dining room table.
I was going to officially announce at the one month celebration that the next book is officially underway, so to everyone that has asked for the next part of the story; it’s happening.  I’m also wrapping up All You Need Is “Like”, as well as doing interviews and keeping up on the blog, so it looks like July will be another busy month.
Fortunately, some help is coming.  My husband, who is finishing up his business degree, will be officially taking over some of the tasks associated with marketing a book, including setting up new distribution channels, arranging publicity and managing media.  I’m also enlisting the help of a promotions manager inworld to take over some of the activities there.  This will allow me to get seriously back to what I love doing, writing.
If July turns out to be half as crazy as June was, it’s going to be another wild ride.  I’ll be starting to post new story hints around, so keep watch for whispers.  I’ll tell you now, I am very excited about the next book of what has turned into a trilogy.  The same characters will be attending with a few differences.  Prym needs a makeover, and like many grooms, Heylel finds married life not all he thought it would be.  I will also have the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Smeltzer get a taste of justice.
In the meantime, you can go stay in touch and learn more by;
LikingEnd of Mae on FaceBook, friend me on FaceBook, read reviews, interviews & whatnot, go visit Mae’s world created virtually, watch the trailer and enter the give aways at Vilutheril Reviews and Frequent Reader, Infrequent Blogger to get your copy free.
And a big thanks goes out to Pinky, Pia, Hani and Aracelis for coming to have a chat while we waited for the party that never started.  We’ll do it again at the end of July :D

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