My Foto(lia) Finish

I’ve been getting emails from Fotolia, a subscription graphics company, asking me to try them out.  Why would I do that, I wondered.  For the most part, all my photos and graphics on my blog are my own, and I get a bit stoked by it.

My curiosity got the better of me however, and I emailed back to say I’d try Fotolia with an open mind, and share it with my readers.

 This was about an hour ago.  Logging in and registering with the Fotolia site was quick and simple.  I searched for a random image,  “dandelions” of course, and found pages upon pages of gorgeous images.  The ‘fluff’ image you see here was on the first page, and was in my computer and on this post in about 10 minutes.

I am definitely impressed.  The most awesome thing about these images is they are mine to keep and use however I like, even professionally.  I don’t need to deal with copyrights or model permissions.  All the work is done.  Even as someone who adores creating my own work, I must say I’m impressed.

Over the next month I’ll be using a lot of Fotolia images, and when I do I will note it so you can get an idea of the variety of images available.  There’s even a few hints and whispers that I may be able to give away a Fotolia membership or something similar to readers here.  Just rumors at this point, but if you ever want professional grade graphic art in your projects, you may want to keep an eye out this month for a Fotofilia opportunity of your own.  I can see this being valuable for teachers, artists, bloggers, designers…

It’s is 1:30am here in Australia, and I have been tapping away busily at the keyboard since around 1pm… so I’m going to bed.  I have another Book Island event I want to check out in the morning.  Enjoy this little montage of ‘dandilyon fluff’ in the meantime… all Fotolia. 

Ta ’til tomorrow!  xox

Courtesy of Fotofilia

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  2. Matt Englett says:

    Thanks for that. I might mention this next time I’m on air :-)

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