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Taming the Creative Beast

It was pointed out to me the other day that I sounded “very organized, a real list keeper”.  I actually felt a little taken aback.  In my life I’ve thought of myself as many things, and never has it been … Continue reading

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My Foto(lia) Finish

I’ve been getting emails from Fotolia, a subscription graphics company, asking me to try them out.  Why would I do that, I wondered.  For the most part, all my photos and graphics on my blog are my own, and I … Continue reading

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A Scrabble of Scribblers

If a group of geese are a ‘gaggle’ and a bunch of crows are a ‘murder’, than what would you call a bunch of writers hanging out?  A ‘waggle of worders’… or a maybe a  ‘scrabble’? Whatever the official term, … Continue reading

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My New Neighbor Nazz

At last, now I have two virtual properties under my dominion (cue maniacal laughter).  Soon I shall rule the metaverse!  But seriously… Many of you already know about my End of Mae Virtual Visitor Center, and you may remember my … Continue reading

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MarketShare: Piggyback with Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing companies like MyBlogSpark and Vibe Village are mini opportunities for tagalong promotions. I was recently chosen to do reviews on Cadbury’s new Mousse Chocolate.  They sent me some chocolate to share, and then asked me to write a … Continue reading

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My Definition: Dedication

Dedication is the small inaudible click that happens inside all of us when we become aware that it’s here that the rubber meets the road.  There will be no white flag of surrender, no compromise.  It is the moment we … Continue reading

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Tribute to Mr. Friend

Mr. Friend and I had a little bit of a September – December romance going on. He was up in his 90’s and I was… less old. I admired his independent attitude.  Back when it was my privilege to give … Continue reading

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H. Teasdale: American Photographer

I am pleased to announce a new artist going up in exhibit.  This her second virtual exhibit, and she has returned with a new set of beautiful photographs that showcase some of the natural gems of America. H. Teasdale has … Continue reading

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MarketShare: A Social Début for My Slideshow Entry

When I got the invitation to join into this contest two thoughts went through my head. I’ve never done a slideshow story, or worked with Powerpoint, so it sounded like a new challenge. I can’t resist a challenge or trying … Continue reading

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From A.F. Stewart: Confessions of a Surprising Horror Writer

I consider myself a fantasy writer, or possibly a purveyor of speculative fiction, but somehow during my journey as a writer I managed to end up an author of horror as well. Now to anyone who knows me well, this … Continue reading

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