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Indie pARTy InvitationThis is going to be a two post day I think.  I have one more artist to profile before tomorrow’s big Indie pARTy, but I wanted to take a minute to share a few excellent posts that have just come up.

First was SL Enquirer’s preview of tomorrow’s festivities.  They went all out and showed each artist’s work as well as an overview of the whole event area.  I can’t wait to drop the link to these incredible individuals so worthy of recognition.  Thank you SL Enquirer! xox

Next was this review plus up on BookStove!  I call it a “review plus” because the author has so much wonderful information and links packed in there I may as well point my there instead of on my own page… she said it all and even more.  Wow, and thank you, thank you Christine!

This last week I was also honored to be mentioned in two noteworthy blogs, Notes from an Alien and The Passive Voice.  Two excellent posts, and both talked about my mission to show the value of virtual worlds for writers and Book Island.  Thank you to Alexander and PG both for including me in their posts!

Lastly, for now, I want to thank Cambria at The Unlocked Diary for choosing me to recieve some blog awards.  As soon as all the dust settles down I will be accepting this award happily and nominating blogs of note that I love… and there are sooooo many!  Here’s one last one that I can’t even read – Avameo posted Pia Piaggio entdeckt eBook-Marketing.

I am still trying out Fotolia for a month and giving my impressions of their whole system.  While I love taking my own photos and illustrations, I have to say I am loving having access to their stock.  The party invitation was made by using three of their images and one of my own.  I am going to pop in again tonight and see what other creative uses I can come up with ;D

And that’s it for now… thank you so much to everyone for all the support and sharing.  Because of you I actually saw End of Mae’s amazon ranking shoot up to #41,000 and some ought last night.  My fictional book was ranking higher than the marketing book I am reading right now!  Ranking shoots up and down of course, so that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.  Still, I enjoyed the moment ;D xox

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