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JournalJabber: Literal Mayhem

This post is coming a bit late due to our internet tossing a tantrum, but I wanted to share an internet radio show I’ve been listening to for the past few weeks.   JournalJabber, sponsored by JournalStone, is a wonderfully fun … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Second Life

From a recent opinion piece I have up on Blogcritics: Second Life has recently been given a bad rep from Director Jason Spingarn-Koff’s.  A virtual world that is used for business and social interaction, Mr. Spingam-Koff’s ‘documentary’ on Second Life … Continue reading

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Pets Have It RUFF

Looking for a good deed to do?  Here’s an excellent way to get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing good… and all you have to do is help some warm fuzzies! RUFF, a no kill shelter, struggles with the influx … Continue reading

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Our Vintage Airstream

Many people have asked where we’re going to live in the US, so I thought I’d show off our American home.  It’s small, but for just the two of us it’s perfect.  There’s plenty of room for two computers with space … Continue reading

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Heading to the USA

The tickets have been bought and within a few short weeks we will be heading to the USA.  Just a short post today as we’re eager to get packing and sorting.  I just wanted to make the announcement: We’ll be … Continue reading

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No Money Marketing Hits Amazon Bestseller List

No Money Marketing: All You Need Is Like has been out five days and has spent the majority of those days on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller’s in the Advertising/Marketing category.  Updated hourly, I’ve watched my rank go as high as #31 on the … Continue reading

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New Writer Spotlight: Ashlee K. Pt.3

From Angela:  This is the third installment from a brand new young writer named Ashlee K.  You can start at the beginning, or just dive right in here.  I’d like to welcome Ashlee and thank her for allowing me to introduce her work … Continue reading

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Choose My Book Cover

Which do you Like? I’ve never been quite happy with the No Money Marketing cover, but I’ve been more focused on the inside than the outside. I know we can’t judge a book by it’s cover but first impressions do … Continue reading

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On the Campaign Trail

Why should the likes of Obama and Ron Paul get all the fun of being on campaign?  Thanks to Rachael Harrie of Rach Writes many bloggers and authors will be participating in a campaign to support each other from August … Continue reading

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Xtreme Publishing for Xtreme Thrills

Now that I’m published twice I have to say that it is the most exhilarating roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. Yesterday I released my marketing book with moderate expectations.  I expect it to do well because the information … Continue reading

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