Choose My Book Cover

Which do you Like?

I’ve never been quite happy with the No Money Marketing cover, but I’ve been more focused on the inside than the outside.

I know we can’t judge a book by it’s cover but first impressions do count (which means we do judge books by their cover… hmmm…)

I’ve worked out a few alternate designs and I’d love to hear input.  Thanks to Carmen Hamm for the idea to go blue… Which do you like?

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16 thoughts on “Choose My Book Cover

      1. Amy Eye

        Leave it to me to be alone….LOL

        Well, I did see that someone else agreed with me! I liked the ‘old school’ feel to it. It didn’t feel like it had to have the modern feeling to it. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I am digging things right now that have that retro feel to them.

        1. Angela Yuriko Smith Post author

          Hahaha, just for the two of you I’ll have to make a special edition ‘old school’ one. Even tho I usually like sticking with neutrals I think I’m going with the majority and liking the blue one. I’m probably brainwashed into following the classic ‘facebook blue’ look.

  1. Andrea

    I like the arrow and the higlighted “like” on both of them. I’m not that keen on the font you use with the title. The coloured one looks a bit clattered, the blue one is very facebook-like (sorry, it’s the third usage of this word in this comment, I do realize, sighs) but the wee numbers in the bottom left corner look good. So if I have to chose between these 2, I’d go for the second one.

  2. Stacy S. Jensen

    The blue makes me think about Social Media outlets. I mean most of the icons on the right column of your blog are blue or have blue in them. I don’t like the multiple colors on the first one. Good luck.

  3. Mary W.

    Hi Angela! I like the blue one, then the current cover you have (grey). My least favorite is the multicolored one, the swirls are too distracting for me, and pull me away from the title rather than towards it.


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