Heading to the USA

The tickets have been bought and within a few short weeks we will be heading to the USA.  Just a short post today as we’re eager to get packing and sorting.  I just wanted to make the announcement: We’ll be coming in on the 14th of September at 11pm. 

I’ll miss Australia, and I am still on my mission to feel what is inside a kangaroo’s pouch so Mr. Smith and I will be trying to squeeze in a trip to a wildlife park before we head off.  He still reckons I’ll get kicked.  It will be worth it in the name of discovery. 

I will also be making a video of water draining to answer the question “Does water drain backwards in Australia”.  (I had never heard this until I started being asked…)

And with those mysteries to perk up your curiosity, I’m off to do important afk things like sort stuff.  In the meantime, I wanted to point out a really great review done by Amy Eye of The Eyes for Editing (who will be editing both End of Mae and No Money Marketing for their second releases) on Amazon and up at Smashwords.  Thx Amy!

Finally, here’s some of the posts I’ve done over the past year about what it’s like to live in Australia:

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5 Responses to Heading to the USA

  1. Best of luck with the packing and be careful not to get punched by the kangaroos :-)

  2. And don’t forget to take lots of Tim Tams with you:)

  3. Amy Eye says:

    I don’t know if I have ever told you this or not, and heaven knows why I’m putting it on this post, but you have always got the BEST pics to go with your posts.

    Amy out…LOL

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