Planning Our Trip

So many exciting things going on over here in the Smith house.  We are putting together a plan to tour New Jersey in early November.  The plan is to meet Max, one of the mystical crystal skulls.  A crystal skull features in the next End of Mae book. 

We’re setting up book signings and promotional visits now.  We’ll also be releasing a copy of End of Mae to the pinebarrens where the story takes place.  Maybe the Jersey Devil herself will find it. ;p

We’ve been putting our plans to return to the states into action.  That means lots of errands (and photos!)  I think I said in an earlier post that my upcoming marketing book, All You Need Is Like is delayed until after we are settled in the states. 

That book and a second edition of End of Mae will be released in the states to coincide with the tour of New Jersey and it looks like they will all be under a publishing imprint instead of published independently.  Those plans are all in the works now, and I can’t say too much now.  I’ll be dishing details as soon as I can, you know me.

That means as soon as our feet touch American soil we will be BUSY!  The book stuff is on top of the regular settling in a new country business.  We’re looking forward to all the lunch dates and meetings and visits that are lining up… just give us a week to adjust. 

We have buckled our seatbelts for a wild ride ;D

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2 Responses to Planning Our Trip

  1. Amy Eye says:

    It’s going to be quite exciting for you! I’m so excited for you and Mr. Smith! :)

    • :Dandi says:

      It is exciting… but I worry about losing all the traction I’ve gained so far as we take time afk to resettle. I know it’s so sad, but I hate being far from the computer. It stresses me to think of being unplugged for too long. Yes, I am a geek ;p

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