The Other Side of Second Life

From a recent opinion piece I have up on Blogcritics:

Innsmouth in Second Life

Second Life has recently been given a bad rep from Director Jason Spingarn-Koff’s.  A virtual world that is used for business and social interaction, Mr. Spingam-Koff’s ‘documentary’ on Second Life seems a little one dimensional, and apparently Oprah approves it.

Called Life 2.0, Spingam-Koff follows several lives through their virtual interactions, presenting the virtual world as one of loss and broken marriages.  While I agree with the director that these situations are often the case in Second Life, they are just as often not.

Comparing Second Life to a world of emotional misfits is like going into a classroom of kindergarteners at an elementary school and then dubbing the entire building a preschool.  Mr. Spingam-Koff has missed a large part of the population, and in doing so presents a rather shallow and biased piece of film work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to see worlds like Second Life receive a little of the spotlight.  Collectively called the metaverse, these virtual environments provide people all over the world a way of working and interacting together.  To say that they are all craven and needy individuals, however, is very far from the truth.  I am living proof.

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  1. Amy Eye says:

    They’re just jealous they didn’t think of it first. POO on them…and I never liked Oprah anyway….

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