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If You Love Cats You’ll SOCK ‘Em

Cats are said to have nine lives but for many of our feline friends those lives can be very hard.  Often thought of as disposable pets that can take care of themselves, cats are frequently left behind when their owners move house.  Fending for themselves, they can find themselves suddenly scrounging for food and struggling to stay one strut ahead of loose dogs, disease and hunger.

Fortunately, emerald coast kitties have a safe haven at SOCKS (Save Our Cats & Kittens).  Located on Carmel Drive in Fort Walton Beach, SOCKS has been looking out for our areas unwanted cats since 1993.  Much more than a no kill shelter, SOCKS offers an excellent low-cost spay/neuter program and has one of the area’s best thrift stores.

Kittens can’t live on love alone, however, and SOCKS is always in need of volunteers and donations.  You can donate funds, supplies or even drop off your aluminum cans to help out.  Whether you come in as a volunteer cat cuddler or drop off a load of litter, SOCKS is grateful for every little bit of help.  Grab some cans of cat food and come see for yourself… a chorus of happy purrs is waiting for you!

SOCKS is located at 498 Carmel Drive (the street in between Walmart & Lowes) or visit their website for more info.

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