Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

Hear Me Live on JournalJabber Tonight!

Tonight’s the night I’ll have the pleasure of being interviewed by Amy Eye of the internet radio sensation JournalJabber, hosted by JournalStone Publishing.  The interview will be live, so my every stuttering nuance can be captured for prosperity with no editing ;p 

I’m so glad we’ve had a chance to rest up after all the traveling because last week I might not have been capable of stringing three sentences together let alone be witty and engaging (witty and engaging is a goal, not a promise!)  Amy has become a good friend of mine as we’ve been running around in the same circles and I’m really looking forward to having a good chat tonight – with eavesdroppers!

To tune in visit JournalJabber tonight at 9pm est. and add your questions and comments to the chatboard during the show.  If you miss the live show I will be posting the link to the archive tomorrow.  Until then, it’s another awesome day in the USA – have fun with it!