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Bloggers: Suit Up!

October 13th is known worldwide as International Suit Up Day (thx Mandas!) and fans of Barney Stinson and fine haberdashery everywhere are celebrating.

Barney Stinson is known for his high standards of awesomeness and I thought this might be a good time to celebrate some awesome bloggers as well.

Bloggers are settling in a solid place of respect in the literary world.  We are the uncensored voices with no obligations to gloss things over.  Word of mouth marketing companies recognize this and have responded by sending bloggers piles of goodies, bloggers are being invited to make special guest public appearances and now even Japan is hoping to lure the power of the digi pen to their aid with free trip tickets.

Three cheers for bloggers everywhere that are dedicated to being the real voices whatever their message.  Professionalism for the sake of it, making our voices heard because we can and sharing the messages of those who would otherwise have no outlet… I toast my fellow bloggers today for being bold enough to Suit Up and dedicate yourselves to excellence in living literature.  You are all awesome xox

Here are some bloggers I think are legen…(wait for it)…DARY!

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