Daily Archives: October 20, 2011

My iDependancy

The "Craptop"

I’ve been relegated to what I refer to as the ‘craptop’ for over a month now as we make our international transition. 

I knew that I was a big computer junkie but until I had my cyber abilities stripped from me I didn’t realize the full extent of my iDependancy.

I feel like the Green Lantern sans ring… like Superman pumped full of kryptonite… like Spiderman in underoos.  All my powers to manipulate photos and leap across multiple chats in a single bound have been rudely taken away.  All I have left is the me with no zing.  Welcome to life as Clark Kent.

When all the high speed internet and fancy Photoshop has been stripped away all I have left are my words.  On the ‘craptop’ they move slowly out into cyberspace like virtual molasses.  I hit send and then walk away for a cup of coffee and when I come back I may have expressed myself.  By the time my webpages open up I have forgotten why I wanted them.  Usually when I write I have around 10 pages up at any given time as I’ve called up research, my bank, Facebook and various blogs that I try to stay up on.

Now I am a one trick pony.  I get one page and it is coming slowly so I have learned to make sure I know what I want before I click… and then be prepared to maybe not get it.  When our finished computer comes back (today please?) I will hook it up, and then just sit gratefully for about an hour clicking and posting and commenting and watching.

If I were Superman I’d spend an hour solid just spinning around the globe in joy.  If I were Spiderman I’d have an entire town webbed up as I swung down every street whooping.  As me I will just be sliding effortlessly across cyberspace visiting all my favorite haunts and listening to all the episodes of JournalJabber I’ve missed.  I haven’t even gotten to listen to my own interview there yet!  Arghhhhh!

If I’ve learned anything it’s how to slow down, I ‘spose, and make every word count.  When I started writing it was on notebook paper, then a typewriter and then a bulky word processor with a black screen and squared off green type.  The computer that I am on now puts those unwieldy instruments to shame but after tasting Valhalla it’s hard to come back to terra firma.

So please, God, if you watch over computers as well as you watch over the rest of my life… let our computer be fixed today so we can get back to business.  Please….!

All prayers welcome.