Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Money, Money Monday: Living Well for Less

The 100% Post Consumer Recycled & Free Rubbish Bin

My favorite price is free.  This week I’ve really been getting back into the swing of the good deals.  Some came from stores and some were creative solutions.  For example, my new under the kitchen sink garbage can.

Living in a micro house takes some creative thinking.  One of the issues I’ve been having since we moved back in was having a rubbish bin that fit under the kitchen sink.  One can was too large and floated around in the way to be a tripping hazard.  One can was too tall and you had to bend over and pull it out to toss; almost impossible when scraping onion skins off a cutting board.   I was getting frustrated.

Then my eyes fell on a plastic gallon sized plant pot that someone had given me aloe vera plants in.  It was the perfect size, weight, shape and height.  Even better, it was free and sitting outside our door.  The lightbulb of genius solutions popped in my head and I ran off to rinse it out.  Plastic shopping sacks fit in it perfectly so even the bags are free and easy to come by.  Okay, it doesn’t say Rubbermaid on it but being hidden under my sink I don’t think the neighbors will notice (or care!).  And it came full of free aloe vera plants!

Another awesome free thing was how much gas we didn’t spend this week.  We went all over town and burned nothing but cellulite.  We even went to pick up the computer in our useful bike wagon ($20 from a garage sale a few years ago).  Mr. Smith did wind up having a fatal flat but 20 minutes and $10 at our favorite bike shop got us back on the road.  I can live with that for vehicle repairs.

There were other things, like the free photo collage from Walgreens (now expired), free sample of Truvia, and 20 photo cards for $1.49.  My favorite was the deal at Walgreens for Finesse shampoo.  I needed shampoo, and I like the brand.  Regularly $3.99, this week it’s on sale for $1.99 at Walgreens.  By combining the $1 coupon from 10/16 SmartSource insert with the $2 rebate here I wind up getting paid $1 to take the shampoo.  Best part is my youngest son came with me and was impressed that I was “paid to shop”.

Saving $1 doesn’t amount to that much in the great scheme of things, but it creates the mindset to live on less.  Frugal living got us out of debt.  Being cheap means we can relax and work part time jobs, or support ourselves in ways that we love.  Saving gas means I can eat Halloween candy guilt free.  Today’s desserts power tomorrow’s errands.

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for sharing so many great deals week after week!