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The interview with JournalJabber last night was so much fun!  Cambria, Cassie and Amy are always so fun to talk and listen to that JournalJabber is quickly becoming the most happening show on the net.  I walked around outside our little Airstream while I spoke with them and got plenty of strange looks from my neighbors.

Whenever I hear myself in a recording I always groan because I think I sound like a child.  I am nearly 43 years old and still occasionally get asked if I can put my parents on the phone by telemarketers.

This interview is no different, and not only do I sound like a kid but the JournalJabber Divas brought out my giggly silly side so please don’t listen to this if you are expecting seriously dry wisdom.  JournalJabber is like mexican food; plenty of variety and spice and you’ll leave satisfied.

You can listen to the show here and tell me what you think: was I too silly or did some valuable info come out of me last night?  Tonight I may have to hang out by the soda machine again and ask my neighbors what they think…

From Gathering Leaves: JournalJabber Recap October 11, 2011

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