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Interview @The Blog Starts Here

November wanes… and that means it’s time to kick the Christmas season into full gear!  Christmas Lites, the anthology for a good cause, is smoking in sales and bringing desperately needed funds to NCADV to help stop domestic violence.

Free copies are also being contributed to support our troops via Operation eBook Drop.  I was so happy to be asked to contribute to this worthy book and wrote a special story just for this project.

My story, Only That Day Dawns, is loosely based on some of my real life experiences mashed up into one story.  All of that really happened to me at some point.  Even the angel was real (I have a reliable witness!)

To read it (and a bunch of great stories by other authors), you’ll have to get a copy of Christmas Lites for yourself:

Paperback on CreateSpace
Paperback on Amazon
eBooks on Smashwords

There’s enough reading in there to keep you cozied up until Christmas and remember, all the money goes to NCADV to help stop domestic violence.

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Jenn over at The Blog Starts Here about my story in Christmas Lites.  To find out the real scoop on the whole thing, you’ll have to go read it at her place.  She asked all the right questions ;D  Thank you Jenn for putting up such a great interview.  I can’t wait to get my paperback copy of Christmas Lites in the mail, and tonight I’m snuggling up to read it in my kindle.  Yay for digital instant gratification!

I’ll let you know what I think when I finish… What are you reading tonight?

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I am throwing in the towel for NANOWRIMO, but I am happy with my first attempt and will be participating next year.  In all I wrote 15,000 plus words on a story I have been often asked to write but probably never would have.  I may be done with it early, but I’m not quitting.

I’ll be finishing this book over the next month or so, but doing it at a more enjoyable pace.  This month I was plagued by happy setbacks: birthday, two jobs, a new dog.  I have cried over this book, plunged into dark despair over lack of time and fallen asleep on the keyboard.  Part of it was even written in a public restroom – I have been a desperate scribbler this month.

Now I’d have to write 17,000 words tonight and tomorrow to finish on time.  I came home from work and started inhaling coffee for another late night session, determined to finish despite having to be up and riding 2 miles to work at the crack of (freezing) dawn.  Then I got it.

NANOWRIMO is designed to get writers in the practice of wringing the words from their souls in spite of everything.  Lack of computers, time and sanity can’t stop us… and every November reminds us to be true to what we are.  This November is not my month, but I will still feel like a winner when this book is finally finished.

For now I gracefully retire with plans to conquer next year.  In closing I’d like to say congratulations to a talented writer and wonderful blogging friend, Tania Walsh for being a NaNo Winner… you rock!  When you publish it I want to be the first to read it ;p

Easy Awesome Christmas Cards (from Tiny Prints!)

I just found the best site for creating stunning and unique Christmas cards!  Tiny Prints is a company I’d only heard of recently, but as I’ve been exploring their website I am loving the designs I find.  Check out the personalized Christmas card I just made for my blog in about 10 minutes!  See the original here.

I loved the nostalgic feel of the text and at Christmas I like to have a touch of that to counteract all the over the top glitz and glitter of the season.  Now that we are officially in the holiday season I thought I’d share this company – and right now they’re offering a Cyber Monday special:  15% off $75+ or 20% off $149+ and free shipping if you enter code: cyber20 at checkout.

Offer ends 11/29

Moment of Self Doubt

I was cooking along quite nicely tonight catching up on the writing when I realized that it was almost midnight already and I had only sped thru 2,000 or so words.

I worked all day and my eyelids are starting to droop.  Tomorrow I go to a class on commercial licenses all day.  The dog had to be walked for over an hour before he would do his business.  My feet hurt and I’m tired.  I need sleep.

I now realize the reason it was so easy for me to write the last two books is because I had no job and I just stayed at home writing all the time.  Reality is kicking in and it’s kicking my butt.  I have four days left to come up with 37,000 words.  I better get back to it…

It’s Now or NaNo Never

I have shed tears over this NANOWRIMO project.  Never before have I had so little time and so many things I really want to do.  Setting ourselves back up in America and catching up with friends and family has taken every spare minute of my time.

When I say that, I don’t mean it in the way of I spent two hours watching tv that I could have dedicated to writing.  I seriously mean I haven’t had any time.  Not a minute.  If I could only figure out how to do without sleep… but I actually need my regular 5 hours.

Now that it’s the end of November and I have a mere 5 days left to finish the 50,000 word novel I suddenly find myself with more time.  Mr. Smith’s visa situation has been all taken care of and all that’s left is to mail all the test results and immunization proofs back to immigration.  All the running around associated with my jobs to get drug tests, orientation training and documentation is also finished.  Here, when it’s just about too late, I finally have the time I’ve needed.

I have been told I’m insanely stubborn.  When I set my mind to do something it pretty much always gets done.  Not everything always goes to plan and it may take longer than I wanted, but it gets done.  I really wanted to finish this NANO project.  I want to find out what happens when you do finish it on time.  I’m planning on doing this every November now and I don’t want my first try to be a wash out.  I want the damn T-shirt.

I really think I can carve a novel out of my flesh and work two jobs in a week.  From now until December I’ll probably just be posting progress updates here on Dandilyon Fluff.  If I fail, and that’s probable to be honest, we can all have a good laugh.  Until then I am determined.

Can I write a 50,000 word novel in 5 days?  Let’s find out ;D

Christmas Lites On Sale Now!

Here is a fabulous chance to do some good when you purchase gifts this year.  Christmas Lites is a diverse collection of short stories designed for all tastes.

Released in all formats today, proceeds from this book go to support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Please consider purchasing this book to help bring some Lite into their worlds.  Free copies are also being contributed to support our troops via Operation eBook Drop.

I was proud to be included in this collection with the story Only That Day Dawns, a Christmas tale loosely based on my real life experiences as a homeless runaway.  Get your copy at the following links… and as soon as I hit ‘post’ on this I’m off to get mine!

Paperback on CreateSpace (& most money for NCADV)
Paperback on Amazon
eBooks on Smashwords

List of contributing authors and titles:

Shane Stilson: Higher Ground
EC Stilson: How I Found My Soul Mate and Turkey Avenger
Vered Ehsani: Christmas Ghost
C.S. Splitter: Whimper
Phil Cantrill: Christmas Story
Brett J. Talley: Last Year’s Eggnog
Catherine Forbes: The Gateway Incident
Mark Koning: Sweet Child
Tricia Kristufek: Accidentally Gift Wrapped
Paige Kellerman: Christmas Disco
L.A. Wright: Star of Christmas
S. Patrick Pothier: The Road to Comfort
Cassie McCown: Mirror
Angel Armstead: All I want for Christmas
Ottilie Weber: ‘Tis the Holiday Spirit
Amy Eye: The Hunt
JA Clement: A Sprig of Holly
Richard Phelan: Memories of the Splendid Splinter
Mark Mackey: An Amy Harkstone Christmas
Lizzy Ford: Santa’s Ninja Elf
Nicolette Alexsandr: Broken Glass
Mark Faulkner: Face
Cambria Hebert: The Perfect Ornament and Blank
Angela Yuriko Smith: Only That Day Dawns  <——- Here I am! ;p
Mysti Parker: The Carpenter’s Wife


This Holiday I Am Thankful For… You

In America it’s the Thanksgiving holidays.  School is out, extended families come together and it’s the official start of the Christmas season starting tomorrow… Black Friday.

I hope that all of you are having a fabulous and rich day, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not.  We American’s try to consider our blessings on this day and often recite things we are thankful for.

I am beyond blessed with the most amazing family and friends, but I would also like to take a moment to tell each of my readers here how appreciative I am of you.  You all take time out of your day to subscribe, comment, share posts, send me emails and most importantly… read.

If you didn’t read my books I wouldn’t write them.  Writers can’t exist in a readerless vacuum or we’d just keep our words to ourselves and play Farmville.  Readers define us.  Thank you so much to each and everyone one of you for visiting me and being one of my readers.  I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Tomorrow is the official release of Christmas Lites, an anthology compiled by Creative Reviews to benefit NCADV.  I contributed a story for it titled That Day Dawns based loosely on some of my own real life experiences.  I’m honored that the Creative Reviews team asked me to contribute and will be giving away copies here on D Fluff to celebrate and show my support for this worthy work.  Free copies will also be given to our troops overseas this season via Operation eBook Drop.

More on all this tomorrow.  For now, please know that I am thankful for each of you and I wish you all the best this holiday whether you celebrate it or not.

Evolving With Evofiction

Imagine all the zany fun of Squidoo merged with all the networking power of Goodreads and you’ll have an idea of what Evofiction is like.

Still in it’s beta version, Evofiction has opened it’s doors to fictional writers of all levels of experience with an invitation to be a founding member.  This is an excellent chance for new writers to get exposure alongside some pros.  You can post excerpts of your work, past and present and the feedback is invaluable.

When I first posted a snippet of End of Mae up on a similar writer’s site last year I had no plans to publish it.  It was feedback from other writers and some well timed suggestions that fired me up enough to get not only End of Mae but also No Money Marketing published… and the rest is history.

I can honestly say that a site like Evofiction launched my career.  It’s sites like this that enable the writing community to come together as a dynamic cooperative instead of a bunch of lonely scribblers.

I am having fun playing around with this site and am excited to see what it evolves into.  Look for me on Evofiction (dandilyon) and be my friend… I’m already level four!  More on Evofiction… and the unveiling of Anne Sander’s Evofiction banner soon.  Until then… Carpe Mundum!

A Day to Dye For

John Dye working his make up magic...

Today started off with a bang… literally!  We were on our way to P’cola to meet the cute and colorful John Dye when someone smashed into us in the parking lot of Chik-Fil-A.

We are still not convinced we need to own a car so we were borrowing my daughter’s.  We were backed into while we waited at a stop sign and it crushed one of the doors pretty well.  No one was hurt and everyone insured so it turned out to be alright in the end.  Tomorrow my daughter gets to see the damage, so I may be amending that ;p

Our mission included getting Mr. Smith’s medical exam done for his visa.  We checked into the doctor’s office and decided to grab lunch while we waited.  We were happily munching onion rings and chatting about things when around the corner came Brigette, one of my old friends.  I went into shock.

The really crazy thing about that is we were both over an hour’s drive from where we live.  Brigette and I literally shop at the same stores and live within 5 miles of each other and haven’t seen each other since I’ve been back in the States.  How weird is it that we would randomly run into each other that far away?  Very weird, but we still enjoyed a quick chat before heading to our appointment.

Then it was time for the visa medical.  We waited for over an hour so we could pay $125 for a one minute examination – seriously, one minute.  And why are flu shots considered an immunization shot requirement?  Have they not seen all the movies where a modified flu virus is forced on the people and it mutates the populace into flesh crazed zombies?

When the medical stuff was over we were on our way to the fun part of the day – meeting John Dye!  I am featuring John in my next marketing book because he is the epitome of performance based, no money marketing.  This charismatic powerhouse has been on MTV, shared air with Taylor Swift, been in a tabloid magazine, runs his own magazine and is preparing his own signature make up line for release.  John oozes OMG!

The interview was brilliant with so much insight.  This man can honestly say he’s fulfilled all his dreams by his late 20’s and now he’s deciding what he wants to conquer next.  With his single minded drive, natural charm and beautiful personality John is one star I think that will remain shining for a long time.  More on John later… after this long day I’m ready to snuggle in my jammies, relax and catch up on some writing.

It’s been an exciting day – can’t wait for tomorrow.  Bring it on! xox

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There once was a Siamese cat

He was an angel that’s a fact!

Pepe’ had wings don’t you know?

You have to believe because I say so!

I was asleep snoring in my bed

When I heard a meowing in my head

Meow! Meow! Proclaimed Angel Cat!

Pepe ‘ woke me up just like that!

I trundled downstairs to see why he was crying

I then saw an arm through my window, I’m not lying!

I stunned the intruder, they ran away really fast

Pepe’ was a rescued cat from my past!

The End.

True story!