Books Gone Wild #1

The first End of Mae book has been released to the wilds of Fort Walton Beach!

In a tip of the hat to our original home here in the US the first book has started its journey where we did – at Playground RV Park.

As you can see, I chose to release this book where it’s most likely to find a reader. ;p  Of course I released it in a plastic bag for its protection from the elements.

The book has a special label inside announcing it as a traveling book as well as being signed and numbered.  This book, being the first, has the special significance of being labeled as #1.

Now go forth and hunt!  If you find it be sure to log it in and pass it on but if you don’t find this one don’t worry – there are 4 more books scheduled for release this May.  You can watch the Bookcrossing widget at the right to see how many are out there and where.

Warning: I think Bookcrossing may be habit forming.





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