Books Gone Wild: Double Day!

I have been enjoying the book release thing way too much.  I had allotted 5 books from my stash to contribute ‘to the wild’ thru May but here it is half way and I’ve given them all away already.  Am I going to quit now?  Heck no!

I couldn’t help myself today and wound up releasing two books, numbers 4 and 5.  Number 4 is getting sent away as a prize for a fellow Bookcrosser.  She won a signed book to keep and a labeled and numbered one to release herself.  That is on its way to my winner April in Alabama now.  Can’t wait to have it logged in ;D

That was going to be my Wild Wednesday Release for today.  On today’s agenda was also stopping by the shop where I’ll be set up for this Friday’s Artwalk – Ivey Ladies Boutique.  I was planning to drop a copy of End of Mae off as a gift when inspiration hit me – I needed to release a book there.  Hence the double book drop.

On other news, I passed the 200 mark for likes on my Facebook page, shot up over 200,000 places on Amazon the other night and we’re about to pass the 20,000th view mark at Dandilyon Fluff.  Things are going well but I haven’t done it alone – I’m really happy and grateful for every little bit of help I’ve received from everywhere.

And speaking of help, thank you to Tarah over at Country Book Bumpkin for lending me her blog for a guest post.  I wrote on what inspires writers to continue at an often lonely and thankless profession.  That post was coming at the end of a very long, busy day so you are getting the raw exhausted quality from me ;p

That’s it for tonight!  We’re halfway done with Mae Awareness Month and as much as I’ve had fun with it I’m really looking forward to talking about other subjects soon.  Hang with me – we are on the downward coast ;D


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