May The Fourth Be With You

May fourth already and things are moving along on the Mae Awareness train… Today we visited a friend of mine over at Country Book Bumpkin for a book review.

Tarah actually got to read the original version a year ago so I was interested to hear what she thought of it now.  Be sure to go check out her review and thank you Tarah for your help!

Tomorrow if you are in the Emerald Coast area stop by and see me at the Bad Girls Art Gallery.  I’ll be doing my first reading ever in front of a bunch of people.  The party is from 12 – 4 at the Gallery.  There will be a free Organic Gardening class at 1:30 by Gaia’s Garden and I am scheduled to read at 2pm.  Directions on the website.

I’m not nervous right now but I know me.  Right before it’s all due to happen I’ll suddenly feel ill and wish I’d never started any of this.  That’s when I tell myself to shut up and get going. ;p

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow I’m sure.  Next week we’re really kicking this party into gear with some music, three guest posts/giveaways, another wild release and a Baring It All Author Interview.  Should be an interesting week!







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