Spotlight: Wolf Song by Frank W Smith

Frank W Smith is obviously a gentleman of discernment and good taste as evidenced by his excellent last name.

While we aren’t related by blood we share some similar passions… namely a love for words and vampires that don’t act like Justin Bieber.

Today I’m happy to welcome another Mr. Smith and his new book, Wolf Song, to Dandilyon Fluff.

Mr. Smith, thank you so much for joining us today and congratulations on your new book.  Can you please explain a bit of the story for those that haven’t had a chance to read it yet?

Sure I would love to. ‘Wolf Song’ is a story set in modern-day New York City. It’s a story about doing the right thing even when you know it will cost you something. It’s about
life hitting you hard and knocking you down while you fight to find your feet and
a moment to catch your breath. Oh and it just happens to be about Werewolves
and Vampires too.

Jon is a werewolf who is not comfortable around most people. He belongs to a
local clan but never really fit in with the others. One day he is at a nearby club
and finds a vampire about to feed on a young man there. It’s a moment that will
change Jon’s life for ever.

Jon follows his conscience but could not guess at the horrific chain of events
his actions set off. He and his clan are targeted by the immense and evil
All-Father. (The head vampire of that area) As they run and struggle day-to-day
to survive, they have to figure out why the retaliation was so vicious. Along
the way Jon grows closer to his clan’s leader, Aldus a kind and caring old
werewolf who is the only one Jon trusts. They run across an ancient order
hiding right beneath the city’s structures and a doctor working to learn just
what lycanthropy is and how it works, but the real question with him is, why?

In the end it falls to Jon and a surprising set of allies to try to hold back the
raging fury the All-Father has unleashed against them. The End of Days is
approaching, but can a Jon and his small group find it in themselves to summon
their courage and fight to the death to save the earth from the shadows?

Sounds like the perfect plot right now with the Mayan ‘end of days’ approaching in a few months.  Can you tell me what inspired you to set this tale to paper?

You know the main inspiration for me writing was to share. I have always loved writing and really enjoyed listening to critiques and reviews. It is awesome to hear from someone a half a world away who is reading your book.

As for the story itself, I wrote a book, I wanted to read. As a young boy I was always drawn to larger than life characters, like the ones you find in comic books. When I got older I wanted something a bit meatier and stories with more than a two-dimensional character
who is just someone to hinge the action on. So when I wrote ‘Wolf Song’ I had
the perfect opportunity to make a world filled with people who had
incredible powers (werewolves) but were still human. They fight against their
natural tendencies; they have flaws and struggle on a day-to-day basis to make
their lives a little better, just like we do.

Then add into the mix that as incredible and painful as your gifts are, you are
not even close to being the strongest thing around. There are groups (vampires)
who are the opposite of what you are. They relish in their strength, they enjoy
hurting weaker beings. Everything you hate, they stand for and now….. they
are coming for you.

And lastly, an inspiration that I cannot overstate is that I am an exterminator
and I just got tired of looking at bugs around 5am every morning, lol.

As an exterminator I guess you participate in battles of good versus evil everyday, depending on which side you’re on.  Do any of the characters share your personality traits?  Who would you be the most like, or the least like, in Wolf Song?

I would say I am most like Jon, although I wish I was most like Aldus. Jon is constantly second guessing himself; should he have done this, did he do that for the right reasons and it eats him up inside once in a while. Jon is blessed to be surrounded by strong
characters like Aldus and Father McTeague. He sees them as strong and sure of
their beliefs and secretly feels he does not measure up to their example. I do
that a lot myself; too much self-analysis instead of just being me.

As for who I am most unlike that would be Michael Green. I needed a character
for the plot that was so odious so evil, that it actually hurt me to write him.
I was glad when I was done with his part. It comes in closer to the end of the
book but even the few chapters made me hate him. I know that is strange from
the guy who wrote him, but trust me it happens.

I can certainly understand being affected by your characters!  I was so afraid of one of my characters I put him on the shelf and wouldn’t write him anymore for years.  Do you have plans to continue with this story line?

Yes, I plan on continuing this story line. I have it planned as a trilogy. The
second book is called ‘Night Song’ and I have the entire story plotted out and
a few chapters done already. As for other projects, I have a ton of short
stories and there is a humorous one that my editor has been begging me to flesh
out, that is on the burners too.

Of course anyone I interview always gets the M question… what marketing strategies have you used.  Can you share with us your most successful and least succesful campaigns?

Well along with the blog tours, giveaways on Goodreads and Librarything and my author page, I have been visiting local books stores to get my book out. I have been writing to many book reviewers and even have an upcoming interview for my local city magazine.
I live in a city of about 70,000 people so I am looking forward to that.

One of the things I have been blessed with is my day job. As much as it is
gross, each month I visit over 200 businesses, each with multiple employees,
you bet your life that for the last year I have let EVERYONE who would listen
know that I was writing a book and that was a big boost when the book first
came out. Do not ignore people you interact with. I was surprised by the amount
of support and well wishes I received from people at work and in my life.

Wow!  Good luck with the magazine interview!  What advice would you give to new writers just starting out?

Plan! Sad to say I did not and I was overwhelmed by the demands of being an author. Join groups now where you can promote your book when it is done, don’t wait. Develop relationships with bloggers who review books and anyone who might be able to help you get the word about your book out. A little research and time will multiply the ways
that people can discover your book.

As for the writing part, just write. Write almost every day. You can’t be a
writer without writing. There will always be a valid excuse not to write, but
then you will be a thinker and not a writer, lol. That was the hard part for
me, breaking the inertia right in the beginning.

Good advice!  Thank you Mr. Smith for joining me today on Dandilyon Fluff.  Be sure to check out Wolf Song out on Amazon and visit Frank W Smith on Facebook.  Don’t forget to leave him a like!

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11 Responses to Spotlight: Wolf Song by Frank W Smith

  1. Cindy says:

    “As for the writing part, just write. Write almost every day. You can’t be a
    writer without writing. There will always be a valid excuse not to write, but
    then you will be a thinker and not a writer, lol. That was the hard part for
    me, breaking the inertia right in the beginning.”

    This has always been my weak spot, but so true.
    Now there’s two books on to read list. Arrr, i’ll never get caught up ;p

  2. Amy Eye says:

    This is such a wonderful book! I really think Frank’s writing style is unique and engrossing. And I will say… The one story that he has on the burner right now is GENIUS!!! I really want him to start on it NOW!!! LOL

  3. Welcome to Frank and all the best to him with his book.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I appreciate it, and thank you Angela!

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