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Prompt contest closed

End of Joon Cover

Cover by Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Get the final prompts in by tonight at midnight so we can pick a winner!  If my sweet hubby agrees I’ll have a special surprise to announce the winner.  That puts us up to End of Jewel Eye…. and my confession.  I am behind schedule.

I’ve been so busy with work, moving in and family visits that I still have to send the Joon part to Amy so she can work her magic.  It is done, I just wanted to knit a few bits together and slap some polish on it before I sent it away.  End of Joon has just become priority one on my list.  Promise!

The winner of this prompt contest, and the recipient of the first digi-signed Kindle copy of End of Jewel Eye, will be announced tomorrow.

End of Daze cover collection

Thank you Crystal xox

End of Daze cover collection

TGIP: Thank God It’s Payday!

TGIPLooks like we have made it to the end of a very lean month.

With this move we had to come up with a deposit, first month’s rent, money for the moving truck as well as cover bills from two houses and all the ‘transfer fees’… and a new coffee maker.  We started the month with no savings and live on one, moderate income.

I was telling a friend about it the other day and she asked how we did it.  I couldn’t think of one major thing that kept us afloat.  It was a combo of little things that did it, things we always do anyways.  We were just a lot more motivated this month.  Here’s some of the things that helped.

Facebook Garage SaleOnline garage sale

As we unpacked we took everything we really didn’t need anymore and put it up on Craigslist, eBay and Facebook.  When you really start looking there winds up being tons to get rid of.  We could probably start our own thrift store!  I just sold the bike wagon tonight…

Coffee Maker


When we decided the old coffee maker wasn’t going to make it to the new house I looked to my Swagbucks account to see how many Amazon gift cards I’d earned.  I had nearly the entire amount so the coffee maker was free.  This week Swagbucks has a promotion where you can boost your points big time!

Home made breadCook from scratch

We can eat well on about $50 a week for a family of four.  We have meat, veggies and bread.  I buy a bag of chicken legs and thighs for $6.50 on sale and it becomes, soups, oven fried, salads, sandwiches.  I spent $7.50 on a bread maker which we use all the time and we have green pepper plants.

We also do the usual, common sense things… we keep our air conditioning on 78 degrees (any higher, we’ve been told, allows mold to grow in your system), we consolidate driving trips and say no to eating out.  I also coupon, but of all the things I do to stretch our dollars, it’s the activity with the least impact.

I’ll pay attention this week to specific things we do and I’ll post about it next Friday… until then, pinch your pennies!

End of Daze COVERS reveal

Crystal Bozeman Clifton, book cover creator extraordinaire, has finished the entire year’s worth of End of Daze book covers.  I don’t even know what to say… I LOVE them!  Without any more words from me, let me introduce the entire line up to you via this slideshow she created.  Thank you Crystal! Enjoy… & don’t forget the prompt contest!

Making boots, making bacon

Eagle blue calfTonight I was back in Second Life, our little side hobby, creating a new line of boots to celebrate the Fourth of July.  I know I’ve said this a million times, but for those that don’t know – Second Life is a virtual world where the players create the environment.  There is an active currency that you can trade goods with, and you can exchange your game currency for real money.

Back when we were hitting it heavy and promoting our shop it was bringing in $100 or so a month.  When we got busy with other things and let it slide the income dropped to around $50 a month.  Still not bad for doing nothing!

Our shop is clothes and mostly boots.  We’ve been talking about revamping the shop latelyDon't run calf because who can’t use an extra $100 a month or more lately?  So that’s where I was tonight, trying to get our brand new “Old Glory” collection of boots up in time.

All done now and ready to watch another wave of lindens/dollars roll in.

Can You See calf*watches*

Journal Jabber Nite with Rena Mason

Rena Mason

Rena Mason

It’s Journal Jabber night again… the same night that tantalizing Tuesday tidbits of authory goodness come live to you… unless someone has family visiting from Australia and forgot to post all the links.  I said from Australia, right?  Does that excuse me?

The good news is that BlogTalkRadio is wonderful because they always keep the show up to listen to when you miss it and you can listen to your favorites as often as you want.  So, since you missed it (how could you?), I’ll graciously provide the link for you to listen in.

Before I say a word about Rena Mason, tonight’s featured author and all her accomplishments I want to point out her photo.  I love this photo… this woman is gorgeous!  I will buy her book because her author photo intrigues me.  Published by Journal Stone, she is part of a two for one author pair up so you get to check out two authors in each bundle.  To find out more… listen to the show!

And I’ll blog you later ;p

2 out of 2 experts agree: Niceville is evil

Besides the fact that Ryan’s parents are coming in from Australia today, I got to interview Carsten StroudCarsten Stroud, author of  Niceville (yes, as in the town I live in),
among many other wonderful books.  Read the blurb bar at the right for more details about his impressive bio.

He is every bit as wonderful on the telephone as he is in person and I’m very excited to finish Niceville and the soon to be released sequel, The Homecoming, out July 16.

As if that weren’t enough, one of the most recently infamous Nicevillians of all time agreed to grant me an interview – Toby Turner of Tobuscus fame.  He’s clever, cheeky and hilarious, and my kids adore him (shhhhh… don’t tell them but I like watching him too!).  One of my favorite videos by him is called “Niceville – CITY OF EVIL!!” which I will share below.

Tobuscus screen shotI’m seeing a connection here… Carsten Stroud wrote a book about a fictional Niceville that is evil, and Tobuscus did a video about the real Niceville being evil… I think that must be the theme for today.  Two out of two experts agree that Niceville is evil.

Who am I to argue?  I just live here ;D

Enjoy the video!


Dandilyon Fluff is 3 years old!


I’ve been so busy lately I just realized that today is the blog’s three year anniversary.  Has it only been three years since I made that first post in tribute to my motorcycle?  The first year passed and found me in Australia and newly married.  That post I listed milestones I’d passed in that one year and I was amazed.  Last year’s post was a simple note of the date.  I was working my buns off as an “event specialist” at Sam’s Club.  And now here we are, going on year three.  Three is my lucky number ;D

Where will next year find me and “The Fluff?”  My predictions are this:

  1. End of Daze will be published and my entire participatory writing idea will have been a fun success.  Which reminds me – ENTER SOME MORE PROMPTS FOR ME!  I have 4 this time which makes me think maybe we better go back to using Rafflecopter.
  2. We will be unpacked and completely moved in.
  3. I will be a rested, relaxed person rather then the crazy, cranky and tired harpy I have become.  Maybe that’s why Ryan suggested I go back to black with my hair ;p

Whether or not any or all of these come true, thank you for traveling along with me over the last three years.  And with little fanfare, on to year four!  What are your predictions for the next year?

The original ;Dandilyon Fluff banner I started with.

The original ;Dandilyon Fluff banner I started with.

Swagbucks “halfway to Christmas” party!

swagbucks partyA lot people use the gift cards they get from Swagbucks to pay for part (or even all) of their holiday gifts.

Since 6/25 is officially 6 months away from Christmas day, they’re giving us a little boost to help us start saving up with 40 Swag Bucks worth of codes throughout the day. EXCLUSIVE!  The first code goes live at 12 a.m. PDT, so don’t miss out!  If you haven’t used Swagbucks before, this will be a great day to start!

Sign up by clicking this link to join me – I use Swagbucks all the time to get Amazon gift cards for free ;D.

Too much stuff, not enough money

Facebook Garage SaleToday I was looking glumly at our check book.  Earlier I had been outside in the garage looking glumly at all the stuff out there we still have to put away.  Something clicked in my mind.  We need to have a garage sale ;D

Neither of us is too keen on sitting outside all day when we have so many other things to do so I’m looking at other options.  I put stuff up on Craigslist, Facebook and am headed to eBay to post some old books I have.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s post will be me reporting that our check book is fatter and our garage emptier.