Everything I said about Joon was a lie

Courtesy of Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Courtesy of Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Once again, the stories have a mind of their own.

Everything I had whispered and hinted about the Joon character wound up being false.  I thought Joon was going to be a goth teen inhabited by Alichino/Miss Prym.  She turned out to be an eight year old girl with a vendetta.

I thought Dr. Smeltzer was going to show up in this part and be Mae’s first meal.  He doesn’t even say hello.  In my plans Mae was moving on in the world and leaving Heylel behind.  She doesn’t.

Who’s writing this book anyways?

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  1. Sarah Tokeley says:

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens? :-)

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