Daily Archives: July 3, 2013

Why authors need to make movies…

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a movie must be worth ten thousand.  I have wanted to learn to make simple movies, like yesterday’s, for a few reasons.  The biggest being that media has become liquid food for thought.

Dandilyon VlogWhere once the educated chewed through tomes of esoterica, today’s learned people speed read their way past pages of lightening online content and keep current with vlogs like Philip DeFranco.

I don’t feel the need to be the next Phil, but bringing in variety is never a bad thing.  Then I came across an article about how how unknown author and novelty creator Shed Simove made a bestseller in just a few days without writing a word.

That, my darlings, is marketing.  You can’t say his prose was stellar or his reputation preceded him.  He did some creative, down and dirty selling and hit the charts.  One of the things he attributed to his stellar success was a video he put on Youtube.

So yes, we as authors need to stop being shy and hiding in our writing nooks.  We need to show our faces and speak to the world so that it can see us, identify and befriend us… and then read us.  I know writing books isn’t about making a million dollars, as nice as that would be.  No author, however, can deny that we publish to be read.  I want to be read.

So that’s why I’m experimenting with videos.  I am turning off the inner life editor that tells me my voice sounds like a child and I look silly and plunging forward to expand.  This is what success is… doing whatever it takes to climb your mountain.  Summa ope.

Read the story of Shed Simove for yourself.

(… and now that you’re nice and distracted I’ll mention that my star, Mr. Smith, has been spending all his time at taekwondo instead of making my movies, the nerve, but does promise that he will settle down and do it tomorrow.  We shall see.)