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TGIP: Earning extra perks

TGIPEvery Friday is TGIP!

This week I cashed in another Amazon gift card from Swagbucks and it got me thinking about how many extra perks we get from awards programs.  Here’e a few of our favorites, how we use them and what we’ve gotten.

Giftcards earned since January 2013

Gift cards earned since January 2013

I love Swagbucks.com but I am a lazy Swagbucker.  I pop in every morning and do the Daily Poll and rush through the NOSO offers and leave for a total of 3 Swagbucks.  Sometimes, when I think about it, I leave Swagbucks TV playing in the background, muted while I work.  That gets me a few more.  With a $5 Amazon gift card available for 450 Swagbucks it seems like it would take awhile but it doesn’t.  You can see I just cashed in two weeks ago and I’m already back up to 207 points – almost halfway to another gift card.

headphonesAnother site I cash in on is Cokerewards.com.  Codes are found on Coke products, either under the cap of bottles or on the inside of the box.  You enter the codes online or via text and when you have enough you redeem them for prizes.  We usually just cash in for coupons for free Coke products (including Powerade) but the last batch I used to get two headsets for my boys’ computers.  We don’t actually buy many Coke products.  When I see a cap on my walk I pick it up.  They add up fast.  I also save them from parties and from friends.

MSM PigAnother place I regularly frequent is a blog, MoneySavingMom.com.  She pairs up coupons, sales, codes, rewards sites… puts them altogether to make step by step deals to get great stuff free, or nearly.  Just this last week it was boxes of Dove ice cream bars for .98 a box of three.  The link to print the coupon was right there and she let me know they were $2.98 at Walmart.  Easy and delicious.  In the past I’ve gotten free bags of Ghirardelli and more free personal care products than we can use up.

I’ll be back next TGIP with more ways to keep more of your “P” in your pocket ;p