Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

The importance of tagging…

tag dandilyon fluffThe other day I got a reality check and realized two important things:

1. I’m not as tech savvy as I’d like to think.

2. I need to start being more tech savvy.

It started when I was making virtual boots the other day in Second Life.  The boots all had a patriotic theme for the approaching Independence Day holiday.  Our best selling product so far was a set of patriotic boots we made two years ago, so I expected the new improved versions to go nuts.  I perfected them and posted… waited.

Two weeks later we hadn’t sold a single pair of boots and I was complaining to my ‘for real’ tech savvy daughter Kyra.  “Mom!” she exclaimed disgustedly, looking at my listing.  “What are you doing with these tags?  No wonder you aren’t selling…”  She got into my ads and started doing mysterious typing stuff to fix things.  Five minutes later she grinned.  “You just sold two pairs…!”

Things didn’t slow down, and our flag themed boots continued to sell as expected all through the holiday.  I had learned my lesson that I need a lesson… on tagging.  I am barely getting into it, but here’s some of the pages I’ve been reading to learn:

Why Is No One Reading Your Blog: The Importance Of Tagging


How to Use Tags for WordPress SEO

And… on a completely different, but quite interesting, note:

Proper Tagging and Labeling of Evidence