Daily Archives: July 11, 2013

Sign ‘o the times

Food WorldOur Food World is closing next month.

Since moving here I have only heard good things about the store – everyone loved it.  Apparently it had the best prices, friendliest employees… best produce.  So why is it closing?

All the employees, around 50, are being cut loose.  The sister Food World in the next town is also closing.  100 more job searchers in an already saturated market.  The end came quickly, unexpected.  One day they were comfortable, the next day the future loomed up like a tsunami of insecurity.

Add to this all the closings due to military sequestration… gates, libraries, the Blue Angels. Then the global economy, unrest in the middle east, doubling student loan interest rates. These are signs of the times, and they are all pointing to uncertainty.

I’m not advocating running around screaming that the world is ending.  Even if we all 005suddenly vanish in a puff of dust the world will travel on just fine without us.  I am advocating making use of the one resource you have that’s fairly certain – your brain.  A pile of money can be burnt, stolen and blown away.  It’s not how much you have but how you land on your feet.

The government is trying to tell me that things are looking up and I should relax and let them take care of my money.  As I walk though the dying Food World and see the meatless coolers and listen to the talk around the water coolers at work all I hear is nervousness about the future.  One of us, the government or the people, doesn’t have a clear picture here.

Whether it’s Them or Us that is misled about how great everything is, there is a problem. There is a fine line between running scared and bathing in denial and it’s preparation.  They can tell me all day that things are great but I’m looking at the signs on the wall… they say everything must go.

Everything must go